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Food Critic Pug

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Published on Nov 7, 2012

Pablo the Pug is a professional food critic who travels the world testing his sensitive palate at the most prestigious restaurants across the globe.

NOTE: Do NOT feed your pet strange foods as some types can be toxic for dogs. Pablo is a trained professional and has a cast iron stomach. He could eat Chuck norris.

A lot of people seem concerned with his awesome collar. Be not alarmed Pug lovers, he is walked with a harness.

And no, he does not eat chocolate. He is above that.
(Seriously though, I know about the chocolate thing. He licks a wrapper, he's not at risk)

Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark ii.

10,000+ likes! Thank you!

Music: 'Island' Soundtrack Pro Audio Library
Props: Rachael Wasiak

Created by Adam Cox
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