1. Lamar Odom drains a 35 FOOTER

  2. DeAndre Jordan FILTHY PUT-BACK dunk

  3. Jamal Crawford PUTTING MOVES ON Metta World Peace

  4. Willie Green GETTING UP

  5. Jamal Crawford INSTANT OFFENSE

  6. Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan SEAL THE DEAL

  7. Chris Paul SHAKES LOOSE

  8. Blake Griffin COAST-TO-COAST DUNK

  9. DeAndre Jordan SETS IT OFF

  10. A Look Back: The Clippers' HISTORIC COMEBACK VICTORY Over The Grizzlies

  11. Eric Bledsoe NEAR pre-season TRIPLE-DOUBLE

  12. Blake Griffin LEFT-HAND DUNK ON Robert Sacre

  13. Eric Bledsoe NO-LOOK ALLEY-OOP to DeAndre Jordan

  14. Ryan Hollins RISES AND DUNKS ON Jordan Hill

  15. Blake Griffin 360 AND-1 on Pau Gasol

  16. Blake Griffin REJECTS Tiago Splitter and Mo Williams finishes with a CIRCUS SHOT

  17. Blake Griffin LEFTY SLAM over Tim Duncan

  18. *NEW* Doodle Jump? - Kevin Durant

  19. "What's he thinking....."

  20. JaVale McGee Game 5 Highlights

  21. Chris Paul CLUTCHING for the Clippers

  22. Blake Griffin DOUBLE-PUMP dunk IN TRAFFIC

  23. Eric Bledsoe DENIES Marreesse Speights and Mo Williams LOBS to Blake Griffin

  24. DeAndre Jordan alley-oop dunk on Tony Allen

  25. The Los Angeles Clippers' HISTORIC COMEBACK VICTORY

  26. Phantom: Chris Paul to Eric Bledsoe

  27. Randy Foye and Blake Griffin CAP OFF the Clippers' comeback

  28. Chris Paul meaningless TWO-HANDED DUNK

  29. Kenyon Martin back-to-back GAME-SAVING plays

  30. Mo Williams 35 FT. SHOT-PUT PRAYER

  31. Eric Bledsoe STRONG baseline jam

  32. Tim Duncan dunks on Josh McRoberts

  33. Nick Young KEYS the Clippers' SIGNATURE VICTORY

  34. Chris Paul RARE in-game DUNK

  35. Kenyon Martin ONE-HAND CATCH and SLAM

  36. Chris Paul's SPECTACULAR PLAYS in the final minutes

  37. Blake Griffin DUNKS ON Serge Ibaka

  38. SHOWTIME in L.A.

  39. Eric Bledsoe WICKED one-hander

  40. 5'9 Isaiah Thomas goaltends Randy Foye's lay-up

  41. Phantom: Blake Griffin PUT-BACK on Pau Gasol

  42. *RAW/UNCUT* Blake Griffin THROWSDOWN on Pau Gasol

  43. Deron Williams with a SICK DOUBLE CROSSOVER on Matt Barnes

  44. "GIMME THAT $#*T! " - Kris Humphries

  45. Randy Foye hits EIGHT 3-pointers

  46. Blake Griffin SKIES IN for the one-handed put-back slam

  47. Russell Westbrook BUZZER-BEATER against Kobe & the Lakers

  48. Blake Griffin SLAMMIN' ON Channing Frye & the Suns

  49. Phantom: Blake Griffin FLYING down the paint

  50. Nick Young 360 reverse lay-up

  51. Chris Paul turns Marc Gasol inside out

  52. Chris Paul TAKING OVER in overtime!

  53. "That's a tech GOD DAMMIT!" - Kevin Garnett

  54. DeAndre Jordan SNATCHES Rajon Rondo's lay-up out of the air

  55. Blake Griffin vs Kris Humphries

  56. Kevin Seraphin vs The Lakers

  57. Blake Griffin almost TIP-DUNKS his own free-throw

  58. Derrick Williams' sick AND-1

  59. *RAW/UNCUT* Blake Griffin's DUNK OF THE YEAR on Kendrick Perkins

  60. Clippers hit BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK-To-BACK 3's against the Thunder

  61. Chris Paul hits a 35 FT. BOMB!

  62. Gallinari - Sweet Victory

  63. Chris Paul BEATS THE SHOT CLOCK!

  64. Gallinari misses WIDE OPEN, GAME-TYING layup (EPIC FAIL!)

  65. Lob City (ORIGINAL VIDEO) - Tyga ft. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan