1. Le Meurice, Paris

  2. Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan

  3. Hotel Bel-Air, Bel-Air

  4. Coworth Park, Ascot

  5. Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

  6. The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

  7. Dorchester Collection

  8. 45 Park Lane, London

  9. Hotel Bel-Air behind the scenes of a print shoot

  10. The Beverly Hills Hotel Behind the Scenes advert shoot

  11. Principe di Savoia, behind the scenes of a print shoot

  12. The Dorchester, behind the scenes of a print shoot

  13. Coworth Park, behind the scenes of a print shoot

  14. Le Meurice, behind the scenes of a print shoot

  15. Plaza Athenee, behind the scenes

  16. Dorchester Collection 2012 Fashion Prize final (French)

  17. 2012 Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize final at Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

  18. The Beverly Hills Hotel

  19. The Beverly Hills Hotel 100 year celebration

  20. Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize 2012

  21. Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize 2012

  22. 2011 Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize Shortlist

  23. Coworth Park

  24. Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize 2010 short list

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  30. Interview with Thierry Hernandez of the Plaza Athenee

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  33. Interview with Philip Spee of the Beverly Hills Hotel

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  35. Interview with William Oliveri of Le Meurice

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