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100th Video Special: The History of Kirby

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Uploaded on Sep 13, 2009

Watch in high quality! Well, it's finally here... my 100th video on Youtube.
Before getting to this video I thought a lot about the idea for this video, I first wanted to upload another remix but I thought that's not special enough.
I got the insparation for this video from other videos on Youtube and I wanted to make my own version. Enjoy!
I would like to note some points:

This video sums up all the games in the history of Kirby till today excluding Super Smash Bros. series. You may notice all games footage has its boxart, release dates, console and type of game: Main series - the classic platformers and remakes, or Spinoff series - includes the non-platformers: pinball, puzzle, sports, racing etc. Due to 10 minutes limit on Youtube I had to show a small bit from each game in order to show all the games, Main series games are longer from Spinoff series because they have more things to be shown.

I put the games' release dates in different regions and their release dates on Virtual Console. I got most of the release dates from Wikipedia. Please don't tell me about wrong release dates because I'm not so sure about some release dates of some games (mostly the old ones). About Kirby Wii there were some rumors about release dates but I can't put them because they aren't official.

The games' gameplay weren't taken by me; I downloaded some gameplays from Youtube and Gametrailers. In addition to this you probably notice I used some trailers (from Gametrailers) and commercials (from Kirby's Rainbow Resort).

Before all games footages you'll notice the game's boxart presenting the game. Boxarts are from Kirby's Rainbow Resort and Kirby Wiki.

This point is important as well, if you watched my vids you may recognize some songs but there were some new songs that I'll upload later. Each game was escorted by matching music according to the game. Please don't ask me where to get the music. If you're interested I listed the songs here (in order):
* Introduction - Popstar Super Eurobeat Version (welle LICHT AWN)
1. Kirby's Dreamland GB - Green Greens (iR2-X)
2. Kirby's Adventure NES - Yogurt Yard (The large concert of the starry sky - sta)
3. Kirby's Pinball Land GB - Boss Battle (Meteor)
4. Kirby's Dream Course SNES - Castles of Cake Course 6 (The large concert of the starry sky - kozato)
5. Kirby's Avalanche SNES - Butter Building (What's Pink and Sucks - xoc)
6. Kirby's Dreamland 2 GB - Big Forest (Blue Comet)
7. Kirby's Block Ball GB - Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Stage (Blue Comet)
8. Kirby Super Star SNES - Gourmet Race (Galaxy Drive DX - Makoto Shozu)
9. Kirby's Star Stacker GB - Easy (Meteor)
10. Kirby's Dreamland 3 SNES - Sand Canyon 1 Techno (Huepow)
11. Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu/Kirby's Sparkling Kids/Kirby's Super Star Stacker SNES - Kawasaki's Stage (Blue Comet)
12. Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards N64 - Popstar (welle LICHT AWN)
13. Kirby Tilt n' Tumble GBC - Boss Battle (Meteor)
14. Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland GBA - Title Screen (What's Pink and Sucks xoc)
15. Kirby Air Ride GC - Celestial Valley (welle LICHT AWN)
16. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror GBA - Nature Area (Blue comet)
17. Kirby Canvas Curse DS - Drawcia Sorceress (The large concert of the starry sky - tarolabo)
18. Kirby Squeak Squad DS - Prism Plains (The large concert of the starry sky - AOiRO_Manbow)
19. Kirby Super Star Ultra DS - Aqualiss (The large concert of the starry sky - Futamint)
20. Kirby Wii - Green Greens Rock Version (welle LICHT AWN)

I actually listed all the people or websites in the previous points about gameplay, commercials, release dates information, pictures, boxarts and music.
The credit for making this video goes to me =)

I would like to thank all my viewers, subscribers and friends for motivating me through my presence here at Youtube! Thanks guys, you rock!

If you're wondering about the future of ForeverKirby, don't worry. I'll still continue uploading videos and many remixes.

Thanks for watching!!!
I do not own Kirby! © 1992 All Rights owned by Nintendo

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