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Bill O'Reilly President Obama Interview - Cenk Breaks It Down

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Uploaded on Feb 7, 2011

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With a classic showman's swagger, Bill O'Reilly declared that more people would see his live pregame interview with President Barack Obama on Sunday than "any other interview that's ever been done in the history of mankind."

He may well have been right. Last year's Super Bowl was the most-watched television broadcast ever, drawing 106 million viewers. This year, the game happens to fall in the middle of the greatest foreign policy crisis of Obama's presidency, following a week of complaints from the White House press corps about a lack of access to the president to ask about Egypt.

And most important, for those keeping score in the political media game, it was the first time Obama sat down as president with the highest-rated host of the cable network he once called "entirely devoted to attacking my administration."

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more bitter rivalry in the NFL. And no one expects one interview to change that.

But there are a variety of factors that made the interview a possible win-win for Obama and Fox. The sheer size of the Super Bowl audience, O'Reilly's history of giving the president a fair shake when he interviewed him as a candidate and the opportunity for Obama to look like a stand-up guy for stepping into the ring with a highly visible and highly vocal critic.

"I think it's a very smart idea for both Obama and O'Reilly to do the interview before the Super Bowl," said Jane Hall, a former Fox News analyst and associate professor at American University's School of Communication. "In the 2008 campaign, he did a terrific, serious, lively interview with Barack Obama that probably helped Obama with Republican voters."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/...

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