1. Prosensa: Luc Dochez. Developing therapies for neuromuscular diseases.

  2. Genetic Alliance UK: A united voice for all those affected by genetic conditions

  3. The Importance of Communications in LifeSciences

  4. Tony Venturino, Novak Druce & Quigg - The key issues of patents in the emerging markets

  5. Groundbreaking Concept in new Biotech Fund

  6. BioTrinity 2012 Promotion

  7. PharmaVentures: My Success

  8. Forbion: investment strategy & the future of the bitoech sector.

  9. Hybrigenics: Breakthroughs in Prostate Cancer Therapy area

  10. Merck: adaptability to externalisation

  11. Index Ventures: Early stage investments & single asset companies

  12. Calistoga: acquisition by Gilead Pharmaceuticals

  13. Chroma Therapeutics: Collaboration with GSK

  14. BIO: Similarities between Australia & US in biotechnology industry

  15. Ingeniatrics: Their Flow Focusing and Flow Blurring technology

  16. Rentschler Biotechnologie: scope and ability in mammalian cells

  17. Index Ventures: Corporate Venture groups and changes in terms of investments

  18. BioIndustry Association's role in creation of stronger community network

  19. Nycomed: the biggest commercial opportunity Nycomed has had for many years

  20. Lilly Ventures: Acquisition of Avid Radiopharmaceuticals

  21. Immutep: Chemo-Immunotherapy approach to cancer

  22. Telormedix: Localised treatment of bladder cancer

  23. Molecular Partners- DARPins Technology

  24. Novo Nordisk: stem cell program

  25. Prosensa: personalised medicine for Duchenne's

  26. PX'Therapeutics: overcoming issues like glycosylation

  27. QRX Pharma Ltd: holy grail of opioid pharmacology

  28. BroadVector: conditions of the ageing population

  29. BioAngels Inc: GroPep & Growth Factor

  30. Bionomics Ltd: Partnership with Merck Serono

  31. AusBiotech: The Gene Patent Issue

  32. Immunovaccine: patented vaccine delivery platform

  33. Merck and Co & Harvard Medical School: collaboration over osteoperosis

  34. BioServe: One of the largest commercial Biobanks in the world

  35. RegImmune: Molecules & Programs

  36. JBA: Future of Biotech in Japan

  37. Canbas: Alliance with Takeda & reasons for agreement termination

  38. Steven Russell & Edward R. Damiano- Massachusetts General Hospital & Boston University 2010

  39. MassBio: Contribution & influence to the healthcare reform

  40. Chiome: Origins & platform technology

  41. Advanced Cell Technologies: Human Embryonic Stem Cell Trials

  42. Palau Pharma Company Profile

  43. PharmaTelevision Testimonies