1. National Day of Prayer in Long Beach, Calif. USA

  2. 100+ men encircle city hall and pray for Long Beach, Calif.

  3. Bulldog puppy fixated on red shoe laces.

  4. Riley the Bulldog playing with his new little brother POTUS.

  5. POTUS rides in the wagon for the first time with his big brother

  6. Riley the Bulldog rides behind a bicycle on beach bike path

  7. Miss Seal Beach

  8. 2013 Bulldog Beauty Contest | Long Beach, Calif.

  9. Sierra Hosley | Little Miss Southern California Cities 2013

  10. Monica Samreth | Miss Long Beach 2013

  11. The Gaston Family on the beach | 2012

  12. Donna, Layla and Gidget

  13. 2012 Belmont Shore Christmas Parade Video/Photos by Justin Rudd!

  14. 2012 Long Beach Turkey Trot video

  15. 2012 Veterans Day Parade | Long Beach, Calif.

  16. gems uncovered

  17. Photo essay of Long Beach, Calif. by Justin Rudd!

  18. Press Conference: dogs legally allowed on restaurant patios in LB

  19. Long Beach Losers on TV news

  20. Bob Baker marionettes show in Long Beach

  21. The Higley's photo shoot on the beach at sunset

  22. We ate exotic foods. We danced. We saw an African cultural show.

  23. Took a morning safari on July 28, 2012 at Nairobi National Park.

  24. Doreen tells her story. At age 9, she was run over by soldiers.

  25. Got ot see the work of Tumaini International for AIDS orphans in Masii, Kenya

  26. Africa 2012 | the beauty I saw in July & August

  27. The Echeverrys on the beach at sunset | Long Beach, Calif.

  28. blind college student Diana Michel wins $1,000 National Anthem Singing Contest contract

  29. Camp Justin! 2012 | JustinRudd.com

  30. Lily Rudd's graduation from Auburn University, Aug. 2006

  31. Belmont Shore Christmas Parade in Long Beach, Calif.

  32. Sand Challenge Beach Boot Camp Obstacle Course in Long Beach, Calif. 5K

  33. 2012 Operation Easter Basket - this is three hours in to the collection

  34. 2012 Haute Dogs Pageants | Best in Show contest

  35. Valentine's Day party at the mental health "village"

  36. Friend or foe? A bulldog and a squirrel.

  37. Adoptable dogs in Seal Beach and Orange, Calif. on Dec. 17, 2011

  38. Justin Rudd on Charter's Local Edition talking about Turkey Trot, Beach Cleanup and Oper. Santa Paws

  39. Long Beach Bake-Off hosted by Justin Rudd! | Sun., Nov. 24, 2013

  40. Coming Sat., Oct. 5, 2013, 6 p.m.: Haute Dogs' "Interfaith Blessing of the Animals"

  41. Justin & Riley: grand marshals for 2011 Wag 'n Walk for Seal Beach Animal Care Center

  42. 9.11.11 candlelight vigil & walk to World Trade Center in Long Beach, CA

  43. barrelhousers

  44. barrelhousersG

  45. barrelhousers

  46. barrelhousers

  47. Justin! ran 13.1 today including top of Gerald Desmond Bridge

  48. timstrument

  49. Timstrument is the one-man-band on 2nd St. in Belmont Shore

  50. Timstrument is the one-man-band on 2nd St. in Belmont Shore

  51. Camp Justin! [Explore | Dream | Discover]

  52. Camp Justin!: 14 LB students spent 6 days w/ Justin! to Explore | Dream | Discover.

  53. Parkcrest at the Beach (w/ baptisms in the bay) | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  54. This tight rope is not just a walk in the park on July 4.

  55. 500 kids in annual "4th of July Kids' Bike Parade" | Long Beach, Calif.

  56. How many licks does it take Riley the Bulldog to get to the ...

  57. Huntington Beach Pier (speed 16x) by Justin Rudd!

  58. 10-year anniv. of off-leash dogs on beach in Long Beach: KFWB-980 interview Rosies Dog Beach

  59. So beautiful, despite 95-degree 5-mile runs in Florida humidity.

  60. 2011 Mother's Day Concert - Belmont Shore

  61. CLICK TO WATCH: Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach, Calif.

  62. Rogers Middle School students & LBFD donated 200+ baskets to Operation Easter Basket this morning

  63. Eleven CAT volunteers were given $1,000 each to go spend on goods/services in 8 days

  64. $20,000 in goods/services given out | 2011 Long Beach Giving Project $250 mini grantees

  65. Nude PETA women showered together on 2nd St. today | Mar. 23

  66. Justin and Ralph in Rio Brazil in Dec., 2004

  67. Long Beach Shelter Contest Winner reads her Valentine's Card to Riley the bulldog

  68. My photo shoot with Ege at Rosie's Dog Beach in Belmont Shore today. -Justin!

  69. Some of what Justin Rudd's nonprofit C.A.T. does in Long Beach, Calif.

  70. Justin Rudd's "Father/Daughter Dance" | Feb. 20, 2011

  71. Justin Rudd's 6th-annual "Father/Daughter Dance" | Feb. 20, 2011

  72. Justin Rudd's monthly "30-Minute Beach Cleanup"

  73. Justin Rudd presents: Red High Heels Walk for heart health month

  74. Clouds, kites, and an an amazing Long Beach sunset | photo series by Justin Rudd!

  75. Colleen and Kimberly at Rosie's Dog Beach, Belmont Shore | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  76. Winners and finalists announced: Haute Dogs' Valentine's Card contest for Long Beach shelter

  77. World's largest gathering of English Bulldogs | Bulldog Beauty Contest, Long Beach, CA

  78. Eric Ross entertains at the Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival

  79. VIDEO: Chris Miller & dogs at Rosie's Dog Beach | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  80. VIDEO: The Simpkins family at sunset in Belmont Shore. Photos by Justin Rudd!

  81. CLICK TO WATCH: Today I judged and photographed the Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival | Justin Rudd!

  82. Miss Teen Long Beach 2011 | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  83. Little Miss Southern California 2011 | 2,200+ photos by Justin Rudd!

  84. 380 photos: Riley's squirrel-friend in the tree

  85. Took Ralph to see what happens on the beach at sunset in Belmont Shore.

  86. Miss Long Beach 2010 | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  87. Miss Southern California 2011 | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  88. Little Miss Long Beach 2011 | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  89. WINNING French Bulldog: "Gus" won the French Bulldog pageant a few years ago.

  90. VIDEO: Judged, photographed, and enjoyed "Dancing for Our Stars" on Sat. night.

  91. Jan. 23, 2011 | Great fun at Rosie's Dog Beach in Belmont Shore!

  92. Miss Teen Southern California 2011, Lauren Ryan | Photos by Justin Rudd!

  93. VIDEO: Miss Long Beach 2011, Monique Villa | photo shoot by Justin Rudd!

  94. "Dad skips, sun sets" by Justin Rudd!

  95. 16X video speed: Stunning sunset from Rosie's Dog Beach by Justin Rudd!

  96. Series of photos (1 each 10 sec.) of today's magnificent sunset, by Justin Rudd!

  97. My nieces had a stare-off, until there was too much lemon in the room?

  98. My dad's collection of 23 model trains.

  99. Quick 2-minute tour of Rudd Furniture Company in Dothan, Alabama