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Canon 60D Unboxing - Still the Best DSLR - Unboxing the Canon EOS 60D

Matt Abraxas
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Published on Aug 1, 2013

Unboxing the Canon 60D - Reviews at:

This is my own version of the somewhat annoying "Unboxing" videos. I hope you enjoy it.
The camera is, in my opinion, the best consumer grade DSLR available, even after the many Canon T's (T3i, T4i, etc.).
It has the swivel LCD for more viewing options (holding low or high, or shooting yourself). And it has a sturdy grip. The T's are too small in my hands.

You can read all the reviews and even buy your own camera here:

I use mine for shooting stock footage, my personal independent movies, portfolio shots of my art and the art of clients, and of course, a gazillion family photos that I can't possibly ever keep track of.

What would you use yours for?

It's not a cheap camera, of course, even though it's come down in price in the past few years. For those pleasures in life that sprout from our true selves, money should not be an issue. I manage my financial freedom here:

Unboxing Canon 60D
The Best DSLR Prosumer
Canon EOS
Canon 60D

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