1. "Government Records and Information" by Bernard Reilly - 2014 CRL Leviathan Forum

  2. "The Dangers and Opportunities of Big Data" by John S. Bracken - 2014 CRL Leviathan Forum

  3. "Welcome and Keynote" by Thomas Blanton - 2014 CRL Leviathan Forum

  4. Primary Source Awards - 2014 CRL Annual Meeting

  5. President's Report - 2014 CRL Annual Meeting

  6. Introduction to meDesiderata in 3 minutes (Audio Optional)

  7. Marc 583

  8. Linda Hall Webinar: Expanding Access for CRL Members

  9. Text/Data Mining Webinar: Supporting Researcher Needs

  10. Access to Government Information

  11. Collections and Services Overview

  12. Licensing and Acquisitions

  13. Text/Data Mining, Libraries, and Online Publishers

  14. CRL Collections and Services 2013

  15. Collections Forum on Science, Technology, and Engineering - Part 2

  16. Collections Forum on Science, Technology, and Engineering - Part 1

  17. President's Report at 2013 CRL Annual Council Meeting

  18. Webinar: Access to Science and Technology Collections from Linda Hall Library

  19. 2011 CRL Council of Voting Members Meeting

  20. Legal Resources Webinar

  21. CRL Purchase and Licensing Programs

  22. Webinar: Agriculture

  23. Webinar: CRL Collections and Services

  24. Strategic Archiving and Mgmt of Print and Digital Collections

  25. Analysis and Visualization Using Large Bodies of Electronic Text

  26. President's Report at 2012 CRL Annual Council Meeting

  27. Chair's Report at 2012 CRL Annual Council Meeting

  28. Old News, New Research: Observations from the Field

  29. The Short History and Long Future of Human Rights Documentation

  30. Webinar: Interlibrary Loan at CRL

  31. Borrowing materials from CRL: ILL tutorial

  32. CRL Print Archives and Preservation Registry webinar

  33. Human Rights Documentation

  34. Print and Digital Archiving

  35. Middle East and Islam Webinar

  36. Webinar: Middle East and Islamic Resources

  37. Webinar: Introduction to CRL

  38. News Preservation and Access.mp4

  39. CRL Collections and Services

  40. CRL Collections Forum: Preserving Primary Source Collections and Databases

  41. CRL Collections Forum: Expanding Access to Primary Source Collections and Databases

  42. Medieval Resources

  43. Shared Print Initiatives in North America

  44. CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System

  45. California Water Data

  46. The Western Waters Digital Library

  47. Documenting Colorado water within and beyond its borders

  48. Federated water research & the Texas Water Digital Library

  49. Use of water data in U.S. & International Water Law

  50. USGS National Water Information System

  51. Mining for Data

  52. Water Data Needs and Applications in the Private Sector

  53. Introduction to CRL

  54. ILL at CRL - Open Discussion

  55. Interlibrary Loan at CRL

  56. LLMC Webinar

  57. Collection-Building Webinar

  58. CRL Webinar on African Resources, part I

  59. CRL President Report 2010

  60. New Digital Resources at CRL

  61. Leveraging Digital Repositories

  62. Collaborative Print Archives

  63. CRL Webinar on African Resources, part 2

  64. Growing CRL Shared Collections

  65. Global Resources Collections Forum Updates