1. Extras from 2012

  2. Drunk Christmas Tree Decorating

  3. Things I Don't Understand About Girls Part 2: Slut Edition

  4. Drunk Makeup Tutorial Extras

  5. Zap Singing

  6. How Girls Fall Asleep

  7. What I Want When I'm Cold

  8. Things I Don't Understand About Girls

  9. My Epic Halloween Costume

  10. Things Guys Lie About

  11. Things I Suck At

  12. Make or Break Relationship Moments

  13. What Movies Taught Me About Love

  14. Fuck This Piece of Shit Video/We Draw Things

  15. Questions #3

  16. I Do My Boyfriend's Makeup

  17. Things Girls Lie About

  18. Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last

  19. How Guys Pack A Suitcase

  20. Things Boys Don't Understand Part 2

  21. Some Idiot/How Sports Bras Work

  22. My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag

  23. Text Message Decoder

  24. 100th Video

  25. Apps Are Ruining My Life

  26. My Favorite Dance Moves

  27. Girl Crushes

  28. How Guys Watch TV

  29. What Kid Shows Taught Me

  30. How To Make Games More Fun

  31. How I Broke My Hand

  32. How Girls Pack A Suitcase

  33. Interrupting Adele

  34. My Thoughts On Marriage

  35. What Hip Hop Taught Me

  36. My Dogs Hate Farts

  37. Drunk Makeup Tutorial

  38. I Hate Being A Grown Up

  39. How Diets Work

  40. How To Get Boys To Like You

  41. My Neighbor Is A Bitch

  42. How Girls Watch TV

  43. Dramatic Reality Show Sounds

  44. Things Girls Don't Understand About Boys

  45. Things Boys Don't Understand

  46. Landshark

  47. Cinnamon Challenge Dressed as Drake. Seriously.

  48. What Boys Do In The Bathroom In The Morning

  49. What Girls Do In The Bathroom In The Morning

  50. How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Rich

  51. My Drunk Kitchen Tribute

  52. Why Girls Hate Each Other

  53. Creeps on the Internet

  54. Bounce That Dick Extras

  55. Bounce That Dick

  56. Holiday Crafts With Madonna

  57. What Girls Do When They're Drunk

  58. What Bitches Wear At The Airport

  59. Oops I'm In India

  60. What Guys Think About During Sex

  61. What Girls Think About During Sex

  62. How To Talk To Animals

  63. Sluts On Halloween

  64. Pitbull Is Sad

  65. What Disney Movies Taught Me

  66. What Boys Do In The Car

  67. What Girls Do In The Car

  68. White Girls At The Club

  69. Turtle Backpack Turtle Country

  70. How To Make Pickup and Hookup Lines

  71. In The Sexual Badlands

  72. Questions 2

  73. Tips For Good Hygiene (*Warning Gross*)

  74. Underwear Horoscopes

  75. Thoughts On Shark Week

  76. What Dogs Do When You're Not Home

  77. How To Get Ready For A Date

  78. Cooking With Sarah Palin

  79. People I Would Fuck

  80. What Caffeine Does

  81. What Boys Do On The Internet

  82. What Girls Do On The Internet

  83. A Typical Jenna Marbles Day

  84. When The Face Doesn't Work

  85. Snooki's Confessions

  86. Girls That Piss Me Off

  87. What Nicki Minaj Wants In A Man

  88. Sexy Sexual Love Poems For Loved Ones

  89. I Lost My Gun Shooting Virginity

  90. Deep Thoughts With Kesha

  91. How To Make Awesome Pet Names

  92. Justin Bieber's Tricks For Picking Up Chicks

  93. Magic

  94. Things To Do Instead Of Cleaning Your Room

  95. The Biggest Blogger

  96. What I Would Have Done In Cancun

  97. People That Piss Me Off At The Gym

  98. Nintendo 64 Contest Winner

  99. How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To