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Alex Jones - A Screaming mad fluoride damaged joker chimpanzee rants away

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Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010

Alex Jones, the man behind the bullhorn struts his stuff in this hilarious collection of rants, fearmongering, hype and general insanity. In moments of (sadly) not too rare form, the face of Alex is revealed casting new light on his Infowars. While avoiding the deeper issues (much like Alex Jones himself) this video quietly raises enough questions to make all but the sleepiest fans begin to investigate his hall of mirrors. Much of Alex's information IS actually true - so please don't misunderstand. By acting the role of an angry ranting joker, he keeps new comers and skeptics at bay, and provides a negative role model to his fans. From the grossly distorted story about the brain eating vaccines to the omission of the important facts that the 'swat team' (regular cops) who arrived at the home where a man had just threatened the census worker WITH A GUN were struggling with this man in front of his house when a woman with a shotgun comes out and threatens them. Guess what - they shot her! After Alex Jones adds his spin, the rant becomes "You saw all the reports of people all over the country being killed" (one incident actually) "because they wouldn't open the door for the census worker" (untrue) "they just call the cops, and the swat team just comes and knocks your door down and shoots you in your house"

Disinformation by it's nature is largely true, just as rat poison is mostly food.

There is compelling evidence that Jones, Maxwell, and many other 'truthers' are not what they appear. Here are some links that I strongly encourage those who are intrigued and/or offended to investigate!

Alex showing up at a peaceful protest and destroying it!

No? Well watch him do it to another protest!
(note on above - regardless of your opinion of Michelle, the protest had nothing to do with her - until Alex spins the protest into a riot)

Jack Blood exposes Alex Jones!

Alex crying crocodile tears about 9-11
( I did not make this one. Yes 9-11 was an inside job)

Did you know that GCN an ABC affiliate?


Jordan Maxwell and Zacharia Sitchin are Freemasons!

Maxwell is not a fearmonger, his purpose is to initiate his viewers into the mystery schools.
There will be more on him later.

Alex Jones betrays patriot family in Texas!

This is the tip of the iceberg folks. I am not saying to reject the information these people are giving you, I AM asking you all to look at these people with the same skeptical lens that you view everything else. Accept nothing blindly.

If you explore the rabbit hole deeply enough, you might just find Alex and many others waiting at the bottom!

Special thanks to vilemonkey (who had no part in this) for the initial work of compiling these rants together. Check out his channel for more!

Screaming Screams and yelling at callers, is Alex a Cointelpro Zionist Jesuit Mockingbird agent? You decide!

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