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Innocence[JB bad boy story] episode 15[RATED R PG 13]

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Uploaded on Feb 20, 2011

Okay first, I got 72 freaking comments on last part! :O I just saw that,wow im like really really happy :)
Well I know I didn't upload yesterday, but im uploading now:) so hope you will enjoy.
Signe:-takes out justins phone from her jacket,gets up slowly,locks the door,slides down it,finds Pattie's number,calls it-

Pattie(justins mom): hey sweetie

Signe: please help me! His raping my bestfriend!

Pattie:what? Who is this?

Signe: please help us-starts to cry-

Pattie:amm...okay,where are you?

Signe:-tells the address-

Justin:-bangs on the door- what the hell! Open this damn door!

Signe:please help!

Justin;-bags on the door hard-

Pattie:-heard it-I will be there in 3 minutes.-hungs up-

Signe:-gets up fast,runs over to the bed,and gets under it-

Justin;-gets the door open,looks around-

Signe;-sees him,looks what his doing-

Justin;where are you! Get the hell out now!

Signe:-covers her mouth-


Chaz:-pulls out of her-

Holly;-still moaning-

Chaz:I knew you would like it

Holly;-pushes him off of her,starts to cry-

Chaz:-chuckles,gets dressed,walks off-

Holly;-crys herself to sleep-

Chaz:-walks over to justin,looks at him- where is she?

Justin; I don't know!-hears a car pulling up,runs over to the window- shit! Who the fuck called my mom!

Chaz:don't-hears phone ringing-

Signe:-looks at the phone next to her,picks it up fast,whispers- hellppp

Justin:-looks under the bed,smirks- bo


Chaz:-grabs her and pulls her up,slaps her-fucking bitch!

Pattie:-looks at them- what is going on in here!

Justin;-turns around- mom!

Pattie: get in the car justin!-looks at chaz,gasps- let the girl go!

Chaz:-lets Signe go- this is not---

pattie:-helps her up-

Justin;-takes out a gun,shoot Pattie-


Justin;-wakes up,sweating,looks around and sighs-just a dream-hears someone talking,gets out the bed,walks down stairs,sees chaz and signe talking-

Chaz:u know I cant keep doing this to her

Signe; again,why are you asking me to help you with holly. You raped her!you aren't even letting us go!

Chaz: if you help me with her, I will let you guys go

Signe:-looks at him- how can I even believe you?

Chaz:I love holly.and if I get her to be my girlfriend..i promise, I will let you out

Signe; and justin..?

Chaz;I will think of something

Signe;im going back to holly-gets up,walks upstairs slowly to hollys room-


Holly;-sleeping I bed,with her eyes open-

Signe;-rubs her back-holly?

Holly;he...he..he raped me

Signe;-sighs,hugs her from side-

Holly;-starts to cry-

Signe-hugs her-

Justin;-opens the door,throws cloths at them- get dressed,where leaving in 5.-walks off-

Holly;-looks at Signe confused-

Signe;-remembers what Chaz told yesterday,smiles a bit- cmon-gets up,takes cloths,gives some to Holly,walks in bathroom and changed,walks back out-

Holly;-changed-why where you smiling?

Signe; no reason-sits back down on bed-

Chaz:-walks in- he...amm..where leaving.

Holly;-looks at him,then looks away-

Signe; cmon-walks downstairs with Holly-


Justin; we are letting you go,but on Monday you will have a huge surpirise, and don't you dare to tell anyone about what we did got it?!-glares at them-

Holly; or what?

Justin;-smirks- or you and your friend will die. So got it?

Holly;-gets out the car,runs in house-

Signe:-gets out too-

Chaz:-grabs her hand- got to talk to you

Signe:no-gets her hand free,walks in house,locks the door,sighs-


Holly;-walks out her house,gets in car,drives to Signe's-

Signe;-gets in- hey,how you felling?

Holly;a bit better,you?


Holly;-pulls up at school few mins later- whats with the huge crowd?

Signe; who know,cmon-gets out,walks past the crowd-

??:HOLLY,SIGNE,WAIT UP!-runs over to them-

Holly:-turns around,gasps-

super long just for you guys ;D
and ask: http://ask.fm/Lexiiix

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