1. Shoot to Thrill AC DC Tribute

  2. Shoot to thrill - AC DC Tribute Band- Johnny DeMarco

  3. Kitara demonstrated by Johnny DeMarco

  4. When You Wish Upon a Star - Johnny DeMarco

  5. AULD LANG SYNE-Johnny DeMarco

  6. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Johnny DeMarco

  7. Musicians Institute-Gear in Action-Johnny DeMarco

  8. Roland Cube 80X - with Johnny DeMarco and Gary Lenaire

  9. Eruption DeMarco Brothers

  10. BOSS SL-20 Slicer Pedal-Johnny DeMarco / Kellar

  11. BOSS ME-70 Multi Effects- Johnny DeMarco / Rob Marcello

  12. Roland Cube 80X - Johnny DeMarco

  13. Roland Mobile Cube battery powered Amp / Johnny DeMarco

  14. Roland Mobile Cube Amp / Johnny DeMarco

  15. Johnny DeMarco shows the Roland CUBE Street Amplifier

  16. Roland Micro Cube RX with Johnny DeMarco

  17. BOSS DD-7 DeMarco / Keller

  18. BOSS GT-10 Multi Effects-DeMarco/Marcello/Hanson

  19. Johnny DeMarco shows the Roland Micro Cube RX

  20. Roland CUBE Street Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier

  21. Roland AC-90 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier

  22. BOSS ME-20 Multi effects processor-Demo by Johnny DeMarco

  23. Johnny DeMarco Shows the Roland Cube 60 Amp

  24. Johnny DeMarco plays Little Rock High School In California

  25. BOSS GT-8 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

  26. Roland Guitar Synth GR-20 #1

  27. Boss OD-20 Drive Zone

  28. JC-120 Roland Jazz Chorus Amp

  29. RC-50 Loop Station

  30. RC-20XL Loop Station

  31. Loop Station RC-2

  32. RC-20 XL Loop Station by Johnny DeMarco

  33. Johnny DeMarco BOSS Tuners Rule ! Check this out

  34. Johnny DeMarco for Boss/Roland/Fender: FBM-1

  35. Johnny DeMarco/ DeMarco Brothers video , Blood Moon

  36. Johnny DeMarco for Boss/Roland :: DR-880

  37. Johnny DeMarco for Boss/Roland Compact Pedals

  38. Johnny DeMarco for Boss/Roland ME-50 Multi Effects

  39. Johnny DeMarco for Boss/Roland

  40. Johnny DeMarco plays the Entertainer