1. Apollo 11 - UFOs Filmed in Cis-Lunar Space - 16mm DAC footage (stabilized/enhanced)

  2. ISS Stop-Motion Sequence Photography of Earth - Assorted Scenes in HD (1080p)

  3. APOLLO 12 - Unidentified Objects in Lunar Orbit - STACK-ENHANCED (FOGGED FOOTAGE)

  4. Shuttle Mission STS-48 - UFO exhibits changes in velocity vector (Flightpath Tracking Enhancements)

  5. Shuttle Mission STS 123 - Unidentified Objects exhibit changes in velocity vector (Raw & Enhanced)

  6. Black Triangular UFO over Southampton, England (1/6/08) - RAW and STABILIZED Enhancement

  7. NASA Shuttle Mission STS-127 - Unidentified Object with Flightpath Trace Enhancement

  8. NASA Shuttle Mission STS-80 - Unidentified Objects with Flightpath Tracking Enhancements

  9. APOLLO 12's COVERT EVA - Proof of NASA's Off-The-Record Lunar Surface Operations

  10. NASA's Apollo 17 "Hand Job" - More evidence of the Apollo lies

  11. UFOs In Outer Space (short trailer)

  12. NASA's Apollo Image Anomalies (Pt.2) - More unidentifed objects on and above the Moon

  13. NASA's Anomalies above the Moon - UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program

  14. "Veneration of the Vector" - NWO Vector Symbolism and its connection to space programs worldwide

  15. Apollo 14 Descent & Landing at Fra Mauro - 16mm DAC footage (perspective-corrected with audio)

  16. Apollo 11 Ascent From Tranquility Base - rotation-corrected for proper "horizon up" viewing

  17. Apollo 17 Liftoff from Taurus Littrow - Perspective-corrected for proper "horizon up" viewing

  18. UFO Video Enhancement Series - Israel's "Giant UFO" - 1996 Hatzor Sighting

  19. The SKYLAB III UFO Encounter - The Evidence and the Contradictions

  20. X-15 Rocket Plane - UFO Encounters on the Edge of Space

  21. UFO Video Enhancement Series - The 1998 "Somerset" UFO Footage

  22. UFO Video Enhancement Series - The 1995 Salida, Colorado UFO Footage

  23. NASA's Apollo Coverup - A Forensic Look At The 16mm DAC Film Footage

  24. More NASA Alien Anomalies - a closer look at the Apollo 16mm "DAC" Footage (Trailer)

  25. NASA's Gemini UFO sightings - Astronaut "VTR" transcripts from the days before Apollo

  26. NASA's Apollo DSE "Black Box" Transcripts - revealing the unscripted truth about the Moon (Part 1)

  27. NASA STS-75 "Tether Incident" - UFO flightpath tracking/stabilization (Extended Version)

  28. NASA STS75 "Tether Incident" - flightpath/velocity tracking of all unidentified objects (short demo)

  29. Aliens in the NASA Archives - More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film

  30. NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives

  31. NASA's Apollo TV Lies Revealed - PART 3 - The cropping games continue

  32. NASA's Apollo TV Lies Revealed - PART 2 - Breaking The Skeptics Back

  33. NASA's Apollo TV Lies Revealed - PART 1 - The Truth Behind The Tones

  34. NASA: PROOF of image tampering

  35. Apollo 11's TV Camera - the FIBER OPTIC LIE!

  36. The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

  37. Pyramids on the Moon - NASA's Apollo lunar coverup