1. Lakeshire to Darkshire.mov

  2. Launched from Nifflevar.mov

  3. Molten_Core__Ragnaros__Lair again.mov

  4. Molten_Core__Ragnaros__Lair.mov

  5. Naxxramas Frogger Claims Another.mov

  6. Naxxramas jumping.mov

  7. Naxxramas__Kel_Thuzad_s_Chamber and a spectacular death.mov

  8. Next time, don't pull so many.mov

  9. Winterspring outside Everlook, Deathwing.mov

  10. Onyxia_s_Lair and what happens when the tank dies early.mov

  11. Onyxia_s_Lair and everybody tanks.mov

  12. Onyxia s Lair in December of 2008

  13. Running to Goldshire during the Fire Festival.mov

  14. Skipperdo Dies to Hogger.mov

  15. Stormwind_City and jumping off the bridge.mov

  16. Stormwind_City and the Scourge attack the harbor.mov

  17. Stormwind_City Dragon wyrms attack the harbor.mov

  18. Tempest_Keep Void Reaver kill.mov

  19. The_Deadmines killing a bunch of miners.mov

  20. Theramore Helping Dhu Kill Thethyr.mov

  21. These dogs won't die.mov

  22. Thethyr with sound.mov

  23. Throwing Gimm through the world.mov

  24. Torena tanks Ras Frostwhisper.mov

  25. Wailing Caverns Final boss fight.mov

  26. Burning_Steppes section of the Rhok'delar quest.mov

  27. Silithus section of the Rhok'delar quest.mov

  28. Un'Goro Crater section of the Rhok'delear quest.mov

  29. Winterspring section of Rhok'delara quest.mov

  30. Zul_Gurub Gahz'ranka battle.mov

  31. Zul_Gurub Hakkar battle.mov

  32. Zul_Gurub Hakkar fight no sound.mov

  33. Zul_Gurub Hakkar fight.mov

  34. Zul_Gurub Killing Jin'do and MC's.mov

  35. Zul_Gurub original Edge of Madness.mov

  36. Zul_Gurub Pagle's Point and Gahz'ranka.mov

  37. Zul_Gurub Pagle's Point while inebriated.mov

  38. Zul_Gurub Round up by the Tiger boss.mov

  39. Zul_Gurub The axe throwers get us.mov

  40. Zul_Gurub Venoxis.mov

  41. Another spider wipe.mov

  42. Anub'Rehakan wipe.mov

  43. Buffing before we attack.mov

  44. Construct 9 pack.mov

  45. Construct Trash.mov

  46. Die by the Door.mov

  47. Kiling a construct

  48. Killing Death Knight trash.mov

  49. Killing Mounted DKs.mov

  50. More Construct trash.mov

  51. More Death Knight Trash.mov

  52. Plague wing trash.mov

  53. Spider trash.mov

  54. Which way do we go?.mov

  55. A Tour of Menethil.mov

  56. A Visit to Southshore.mov

  57. Stormwind City Trade District flash mob.mov

  58. Aerie Peak, The Hinterlands to Southshore in Hillsbrad.mov

  59. Arathi Highlands, Refuge Point to Menethil.mov

  60. Ashenvale, Astrannar to Auberdine.mov

  61. Ashenvale, Astrannar to Forest Song.mov

  62. Ashenvale, Forest Song to Talrendis Point, Azshara.mov

  63. Azshara, Talrendis Point to Wintersprings, Everlook.mov

  64. Booty Bay boat ride to Ratchett.mov

  65. Chillwind Camp to Aerie Peak.mov

  66. Classic Light Hope's Chapel.mov

  67. Coo flies to Razor Hill.mov

  68. Darkmoon Faire Shatt Cannon missed the lake.mov

  69. Darkshore, Auberdine to Ruth'eran Village.mov

  70. Desolace, Nijel's Point to Stonetalon Mountains.mov

  71. Duskwood, Darkshire to Sentinel Hill, Westfall.mov

  72. Duskwood, Darkshire to Blasted Lands, Nethergarde Keep.mov

  73. Darkshore, A tour of Auberdine.mov

  74. Feathermoon to Nijel's Point.mov

  75. Felwood Talonbranch to Emerald Sanctuary.mov

  76. Feralas Feathermoon to Dreamer's Rest.mov

  77. Glitterati takes a ride through Loch Modan.mov

  78. Helping with Operation Gnomeregan.mov

  79. Ironforge to Stormwind.mov

  80. Ironforge to Thelsamar, Loch Modan.mov

  81. Lakeshire to Darkshire.mov

  82. Lakeshire to Morgan's Vigil.mov

  83. Light Hope's Chapel to Chillwind Point.mov

  84. Moonglade to Talonbranch, Feralas.mov

  85. Naxxramas Anub'Rehkan.mov

  86. Naxxramas Gothik kill.mov

  87. Naxxramas Grand Widow Faerlina.mov

  88. Naxxramas Maexxna's Nest.mov

  89. Naxxramas Rasuvious and the naked bug.mov

  90. Naxxramas Sapphiron's Lair.mov

  91. Naxxramas Sapphiron's demise.mov

  92. Onyxia's head hangs from the arch.mov

  93. Ratchett to Theramore.mov

  94. Shattrath City Darkmoon Faire Cannon.mov

  95. Silithus Cenarion Hold to Feathermoon, Feralas.mov

  96. Southshore to Refuge Point, Arathi.mov

  97. Stonetalon Mountains, Stonetalon Peak to Astrannar in Ashenvale.mov

  98. Stormwind City to Lakeshire in Redridge.mov

  99. Glitterati waits for Deathwing in Arathi.mov