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University of Kentucky's HBEER prototype tour

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Uploaded on Jan 26, 2012

This is a video tour of the first Houseboat to Energy Efficient Residences (HBEER) prototype home located in Monticello, Ky. The HBEER project partners include the University of Kentucky College of Design, UK Center for Applied Energy Research, and Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation and the Kentucky Housing Corporation. The goal was to design a house that can be built in a houseboat factory, with 70% Kentucky-made products, that costs $1 a day to heat and cool, with a purchase price of $100,000. The first HBEER prototype home, in Monticello, KY, included 82% Kentucky products and services. Energy costs at current rates are expected to be about $1.65 per day.

Produced by Research Communications at the University of Kentucky


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    Undergraduate Research at UK with Gareth Voss - Part 1

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    reveal - University of Kentucky Research Media

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    HBEER Benefits University of Kentucky Students

  75. University of Kentucky's HBEER prototype tour

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    HBEER: a University of Kentucky & State Project for Energy Efficient Housing

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    UK College of Nursing RICH Heart Program

  78. 78

    UK College of Nursing Clean Air Group

  79. 79

    UK College of Nursing Occupational Safety

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    Kentucky Geological Survey Announces Map Completion at the University of Kentucky

  81. 81

    Geologic mapping at the University of Kentucky

  82. 82

    Coal & biomass to fuels at the University of Kentucky

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    UK breaks ground for coal/biomass to fuel facility

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    UK Medical Student Mary Burchett's Research is Personal

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    UK Center for Applied Energy Research algae press conference

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    UK Healthcare Doctor Works to Educate State about Stroke

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    [Private video]

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    UK's Marksbury Building Is Technological, Environmental Leader

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    Unique Opportunity for University of Kentucky Students to Research and Travel

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    Gang Cao Discusses the University of Kentucky Center for Advanced Materials

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    Exercise Research at the University of Kentucky

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    Center for the Study of Violence Against Children

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    University of Kentucky, Maker's Mark, and Keeneland Team Up to Spread Music Across Kentucky

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    Undergraduate Research & Honors Program Opportunities at the University of Kentucky

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    Bringing It Home: The Documentary Drama

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    University of Kentucky President Lee Todd, In His Own Words: Top 20

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    Jumpin' Jaguars Program at the University of Kentucky

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    iPads Foster Digital Diplomacy at University of Kentucky

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    Pivotal Discoveries in Macular Degeneration at the University of Kentucky

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    University of Kentucky Alzheimer's Research

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    Take it Artside at the University of Kentucky!

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    University of Kentucky expert talks about Understanding Alzheimer's

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    The Science of Violence Against Women: The Stories of Women

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    University of Kentucky Solar House Welcomes, Educates WEG Guests

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    Buffalo Trace Oral History Project

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    University of Kentucky-Toyota Partnership

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    Nanotechnology Research at the University of Kentucky

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    Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Research at the University of Kentucky

  109. 109


  110. 110

    Academic Environment at the University of Kentucky

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    University of Kentucky's Top 20 Goal

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    University of Kentucky Helps Kentucky Kids

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    Green Dots Move Beyond the University of Kentucky's Campus

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    New Building Expands the University of Kentcky's Digital Village

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    The Blue Behind Your Red Apple

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    Faster way to stop seizures?

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    Big checks make a big difference to heart disease researchers

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    A breakthrough discovery in genetics research

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    The BLUE Behind Your Red Apple

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    UK's Newest Recruit Will Battle Cancer

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    A breakthrough discovery in genetics research

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    NASA research may help weak patients

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    What have you got to lose?

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    Shane's story--a family reaches out to Dr. Davis

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    Baseball shoulders

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    University of Kentucky and Toyota Partnership

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    UK Researcher Describes Importance of Clinical Trials

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    UK Professor Digs Up Kentucky History on National TV

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    UK Undergraduates Discuss "Posters-at-the-Capitol"

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    The Importance of Clinical Trials at the University of Kentucky

  131. 131

    Kentuckians Give Back, Fight Disease By Participating in Clinical Trials

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    UK Researchers Dispel Myths of Clinical Trials

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    The Importance of Clinical Trials at the University of Kentucky

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    Fighting Back Against Cancer at UK's Markey Cancer Center: One Woman's Story

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    Clinical Trials Crucial to University of Kentucky Mission

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    Big Announcement for Markey Cancer Center at UK

  137. 137

    UK to Host National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Spring 2014

  138. 138

    UK's Dr. Vincent Cassone Passionate about Biology Research

  139. 139

    UK Community Encouraged to Get Involved at NCUR 2014

  140. 140

    NCI Designation for UK's Markey Cancer Center Helps Kentuckians

  141. 141

    Unique Spaces & New Technology Help UK Students Innovate

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    UK Professor on a Mission to Share Alzheimer's Research with Community

  143. 143

    Father and Son Share Ambition to Impact UK & the World

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    UK Receives $11.3 Million for Research Into Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity

  145. 145

    Collaboration Across UK Campus Is Key for Clinical & Translational Research

  146. 146

    CAER Lab #2 Grand Opening Press Conference at UK

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