1. Black Edge Spray Wax

  2. Diamond Edge Wheel Wax

  3. Code Red Active Wheel Cleaner

  4. Happy Holidays from Surf City Garage

  5. Surf City Garage: Our First Cars

  6. How to Remove Ghosted Lettering from Paint

  7. 5th Annual Surf City Garage Car Show

  8. Welcome To Your Weekend: On the way to Texarkana!

  9. Welcome To Your Weekend Tour: A Story From The Road

  10. Welcome To Your Weekend: Knoxville, TN Fan Testimonial

  11. Good Guys Del Mar Nationals 2013

  12. SCG Brands visits Mopars at the Strip 2013!

  13. Welcome To Your Weekend Tour

  14. SCG Customer Commercial: Wes - Madison, WI

  15. SCG Customer Commercial: Victor - Harrisburg, PA

  16. SCG Customer Commercial: Conner & Stephanie - Newton, IA

  17. SCG Customer Commercial: Ryan - Englewood, CO

  18. SCG Customer Commercial: Frank- La Mesa, CA

  19. Surf City Garage: Wipe Out Scratch Eliminator

  20. Surf City Garage: Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator

  21. Surf City Garage: Speed Demon Wax Detailer

  22. Surf City Garage: Nano Seal and Nano Glaze System

  23. Surf City Garage: Road Trip Grime Destroyer

  24. Surf City Garage: Pacific Blue Wash & Wax

  25. Surf City Garage: Hot Rod Protective Detailer

  26. Surf City Garage: Hit the Spot Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover

  27. Surf City Garage: Dash Away Interior Detailer

  28. Surf City Garage: Clearly Better Glass Cleaner

  29. Surf City Garage: Black Max Vinyl Rubber & Trim Dressing

  30. Surf City Garage: Beyond Steel Tire & Wheel Cleaner

  31. Surf City Garage: Beyond Clay

  32. Surf City Garage: Beyond Black Tire Pro

  33. Surf City Garage: Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax

  34. Surf City Garage: Top End Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant

  35. SCG Commercial Contest

  36. SCG Million Dollar Campaign

  37. Surf City Garage Restoration Corner Episode 4

  38. Surf City Garage Restoration Corner Episode 2

  39. Surf City Garage Restoration Corner Episode 1

  40. Two Guys Garage Breakroom - Voodoo Blend

  41. Two Guys Garage visits Surf City Garage - Part 2/2

  42. Two Guys Garage visits Surf City Garage - Part 1/2

  43. Surf City Garage Restoration Corner Episode 3

  44. Surf City Garage Speed Demon Commercial

  45. Surf City Garage's Pacific Blue Wash & Wax

  46. Surf City Garage's Beyond Steel Wheel Cleaner

  47. Surf City Garage's Diamond Edge Metal Dressing

  48. Surf City Garage's Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator

  49. Surf City Garage's Beyond Black Tire Pro

  50. Surf City Garage's Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax

  51. Surf City Garage's Killer Chrome Perfect Polish

  52. Surf City Garage's Speed Demon Wax Detailer

  53. Surf City Garage's Dash Away Interior Spray

  54. Surf City Garage's Road Trip Grime Destroyer

  55. Surf City Garage's Clearly Better Glass Cleaner