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PaulPaulito.com IntroVideo Español

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Uploaded on Jun 8, 2011

PaulPaulito.com Screencasts - Simplemente el Método Mejor Para Aprender Linux

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En PaulPaulito.com tenemos screencasts sobre los temas seguientes:

hal, hald, sysfs, /sys, /dev/, udev, dbus, I/O ports, interrupts, dma, /proc, BIOS hardware, POST, enable/disable internal peripherals, enter the BIOS, Set BIOS Password, configure external peripherals, What is cold- hotplug? boot devices, mass storage devices, PATA SATA, SCSI, USB, USB, OHCI UHCI EHCI ,lsmod lspic, lsusb, modprobe, usbmgr, hotplug, Control Kernel modules with: lsmod, insmod, modprobe, depmod, modinfo, kernel, init, bootloader, BIOS, Boot process, /var/log/messages, dmesg, /etc/inittab, change default runlevel, switch to another runlevel init telinit, /etc/init.d, reboot, halt, shutdown, poweroff, Design hard disk layout, Partitions, Explain FHS, problem 1024, tailor mount points, LBA Partitions, swap, Install a boot manager, GRUB, menu.lst, grub-install, LILO, lilo alternative boot locations and backup boot options, superblock, MBR, Manage shared libraries, ldd, ldconfig, /etc/ld.so.conf, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, identify shared libraries, load shared libraries, Use Debian package management, install, uninstall upgrade deb packages, dependencies, package version, content, package integrity, /etc/apt/source.list, dpkg, dpkg-configure, apt-get, apt-cache, aptitude, rpm package management, YUM package management, Work on the command line, bash, shell environment, echo, env, export, set, unset, the dot ., bash operators, PATH, pwd, man, uname, history, exec, Process text streams using filters, cat, cut, expand, fmt, unexpand, tac, head, tail, od, join, nl, paste, pr, sed, wc, uniq, tr, split, sort, more, less, Perform basic file management, cp, find, mkdir, rmdir, mv, ls, rm, touch, tar, cpio, dd, file, gzip, gunzip, bzip2, file globbing, use streams, pipes and redirects, stdin- out- err,pipe, redirect, send to output and a file, use the output of one command as argument to another command, pipe, tee, xargs, create monitor and kill processes, &, bg, fg, jobs, kill, killall, nohup, ps, top, free, uptime, modify process execution priorities, default priority of a job, run program with higher priority, change priority of running process, nice, ps, renice, top, search text files using regular expressions, create regular expressions, use them for searches, grep, egrep, fgrep sed, regex, perform basic file editing operations with vi, vi, /,?, h,j,k,l i,o,a,c,d,p,y,dd,yy, ZZ, :w!, :q!, :e!, create partitions and file systems, mkfs mke2fs ext2, ext3, xfs, reiserfs v3, fdisk, vfat, mkswap, inodes, du, df, fsck, e2fsck, debugfs, dumpe2fs, tune2fs, xfs tools, xfs_metadump, xfs_info, control mounting and unmounting of filesystems, /etc/fstab, /media, mount, umount, manage disk quotas, set up a disk quota, edit, check and generate user quotas reports, quota, edquota repquota, quotaon, manage file permissions and ownership, SUID, SGID, sticky bit, permissions, chmod, chown, umask, chgrp whoami, groups, id, create and change hard and symbolic links, create links, identify hard and soft links, difference between the two link types, copying versus linking files, use links to support system administration tasks, ln, find system files and place files in the correct location, FHS, find, locate, updatedb, whereis, which, type, /etc/updatedb.conf 


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