1. Future research and training critical to animal agriculture

  2. Mark Svoboda on Agritalk (7/19/12 excerpt)

  3. Holtkamp is optimistic on PRRS control methods

  4. Today's sows are more productive than five years ago

  5. Improving piglet survivability, help sow productivity

  6. Chr Hansen at World Pork Expo

  7. NPB-approves-funding-new-Pork

  8. Trade issues top concern of NPPC

  9. Establishing a farm culture that is based on proper swine care principles

  10. ChrHansen

  11. Pork benefits from higher beef prices

  12. U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance

  13. Ethanol industry increases DDGS oil extraction practices

  14. IPPA President discusses pork producers' concerns on group sow housing

  15. Panel gives opinions about the sustainability message

  16. U.S. pork exports face increasing competition

  17. Pork producers face profit opportunities in 2012

  18. Production contract liens should be registered

  19. Farm liability policies

  20. Contract default requires notification

  21. GIPSA considers violations

  22. Swine Dysentery re-emerges

  23. Antibiotics role in pork production

  24. Mike Tokach on cleaning and repairing feeders

  25. U.S. Domestic Pork Demand

  26. Corn Outlook, 2012 Hog Breakeven Prices

  27. 2011 U.S. Pork Exports

  28. A tempered summer live-hog market

  29. Randy Spronk - NPPC

  30. NPPC's Howard Hill talks with Pork Network

  31. Live Swine Carbon Footprint Calculator