1. He Had a Hammer: The Legacy of Hank Aaron in Baseball and American Culture

  2. Atlanta Intersection: Longtime Atlanta LGBT community activist Jesse Peel

  3. Matthew and Michael Dickman, Twin Brothers Give Free Reading

  4. Course Reserves Requests in Emory Libraries

  5. DiscoverE Requests in Emory Libraries

  6. Course Reserves Introduction from Emory Libraries

  7. Chip Simone discusses "Photography, the Beautiful Lie"

  8. Poet Sharon Olds reads at Emory University

  9. A conversation about Seamus Heaney — feeling into words

  10. Poet Paul Muldoon reads at Emory University

  11. Kenneth Shropshire Talks about Marketing the Super Bowl

  12. Rev. Bernard LaFayette Jr. talks about "In Peace and Freedom: My Journey to Selma"

  13. C.T. Vivian: Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and civil rights legend

  14. Joe Louis Barrow: A Life and Career in Context - Opening and Preview

  15. Role of Sports for African Americans in a Changing Global Society

  16. How the 1970 Merger of the NFL and the AFL Changed America

  17. Conversation with Walter B. Reeves, anti hate-group organizer

  18. SCLC: And the Struggle Continues

  19. Dorothy Cotton, lecture for the SCLC: And the Struggle Continues

  20. Emory's African American Photo Collections

  21. Natasha Trethewey, U S poet laureate, reads "Elegy" at Emory University

  22. Pearl Cleage Creativity Conversation

  23. Find your place in the Emory Libraries

  24. African Origins Website Overview

  25. Introduction to discoverE

  26. Natasha Trethewey Reads a Poem from "Beyond Katrina"

  27. On the Workings of the Human Body (de Humani corporis fabrica) by Andreae Vesalii

  28. W.B. Yeats - A Remarkable Collection of Manuscripts from 1895

  29. Woodruff Library: Library Tour by Seth Green'12

  30. Use discoverE to Keep Track of Your Research with the e-Shelf

  31. The Life of Benny Andrews with Nene Humphrey & Pellom McDaniels III

  32. Acclaimed Scottish Poet Don Paterson Reads at Emory University

  33. Use discoverE to Find a Journal Article from a Citation

  34. Use discoverE to Refine a Subject Search

  35. Use discoverE to Locate Library Materials by Title

  36. Poet Linda Gregerson Reads at Emory University

  37. Use discoverE to Renew a Book and Check Your Account

  38. Use discoverE to Search by Call Number

  39. Use discoverE to Find Items by Date

  40. Use discoverE to Refine Your Search Results

  41. Use discoverE to Recall a Checked Out Item

  42. Use discoverE to Request a Book from Emory's Oxford Library

  43. Use discoverE to Request an Item from Storage

  44. Billy Collins Creativity Conversation

  45. Love Letters in the Digital Age

  46. D A Powell, Music - A Very Real Thing

  47. D A Powell, Feeling Like a Real Poet

  48. D A Powell, Recombination of Language

  49. D A Powell, The Tools of Meaning

  50. D A Powell, Creating in Moments of Intense Distress

  51. Eugene Redmond Reads at Emory University -- King Week

  52. The Woodruff Library: The Social Learning Space

  53. 2011 Decatur Book Festival, PODS "Library" pt. 2

  54. 2011 Decatur Book Festival, PODS "Library" pt. 1

  55. Poet CK Williams Reads at Emory University

  56. Poet Robert Pinsky Reads at Emory University

  57. Biggers and Amaki Discuss Art, Artists, and Archives

  58. D.A. Powell Places Papers and Reads

  59. Robert W. Woodruff, Satisfying Times

  60. Robert W. Woodruff, Respect for Emory

  61. Robert W. Woodruff, International Focus

  62. Robert W. Woodruff, How's my candidate coming?

  63. Robert W. Woodruff, Earning His Approval

  64. Robert W. Woodruff, Catapulted

  65. Robert W. Woodruff, A Big Reach

  66. Elizabeth Alexander: Reading from Let Your Motto Be Resistance

  67. Elizabeth Alexander Reads the 2009 Inaugural Poem

  68. Elizabeth Alexander: American Sublime, Ars Poetica

  69. Elizabeth Alexander in the Classroom: Inaugural Poem Background

  70. Elizabeth Alexander in the Classroom: Lead With Your Trump Card

  71. Elizabeth Alexander: Poetry Reading

  72. Elizabeth Alexander in the Classroom: You Have To Rescue Stuff

  73. Elizabeth Alexander: American Sublime, American Blue

  74. Elizabeth Alexander in the Classroom: Praise Song For The Day

  75. Elizabeth Alexander: Reading from Miss Crandall's School

  76. Poet Elizabeth Alexander is Introduced by Emory's Kevin Young

  77. Preview Alice Walker at Emory

  78. Students Use Archives to Discover Emory History: TCP Faculty Seminar

  79. Alice Walker and Friends Sing "Lift Every Voice"

  80. Alice Walker Reads Playful Poem "You Confide in Me"

  81. Alice Walker: In Support of Vegetarians, "La Vaca (The Cow)"

  82. Alice Walker on Exhibition of Her Archives: A Keeping of Records

  83. Tribute to Alice Walker: Friend Beverly Guy-Sheftall

  84. Alice Walker's Website

  85. Tribute to Alice Walker: Rudolph Byrd

  86. Tribute to Alice Walker: Howard Zinn

  87. Tribute to Alice Walker: Gloria Steinem

  88. Alice Walker Archives Open

  89. Deepa Mehta in Conversation: The Only Subject is Love

  90. Salman Rushdie on Making Archives Public

  91. Salman Rushdie on Locating His Archives at Emory

  92. Opening the Salman Rushdie Archive

  93. Approaching Midnight: The Adaptation of Salman Rushdie's Novel Midnight's Children

  94. Poet Campbell McGrath Reads at Emory University

  95. Poet Li-Young Lee Reads at Emory University

  96. Poet Joan McBreen Reads at Emory University

  97. Poets of the American South

  98. The Future of Southern Poetry

  99. The Civil War Papers Project III: Presenting Research on the Web

  100. The Civil War Papers Project II: Mapping Artifacts

  101. The Civil War Papers Project I: Encoding Texts

  102. What's Next? A Symposium on Race and Sports in American Culture

  103. Alice Walker, Introductions and Sharing

  104. Friends of Salman Rushdie Toast Archive Opening

  105. Christopher Hitchens in Conversation: The Only Subject is Love

  106. Derricotte and Eady, So Lucille

  107. Derricotte and Eady, Rare

  108. Derricotte and Eady, Making It Real

  109. Derricotte and Eady, Crossing Worlds

  110. Derricotte and Eady, Childhood Dictionary

  111. Derricotte and Eady, A Working Writer

  112. Derricotte and Eady, Can I touch it?

  113. Eamon Grennan, Getting It Right

  114. Raymond Danowski's Class, Its Own Life

  115. Raymond Danowski's Class, Pursuing Your Dream

  116. Raymond Danowski's Class, The Romantic Answer

  117. Raymond Danowski's Class, Hoard

  118. Raymond Danowski's Class, Being Lucky

  119. Robert W. Woodruff's Home Movies

  120. Robert W. Woodruff's Ichauway

  121. Student Succeeds with Help of Emory Libraries

  122. Salman Rushdie and Friends in Conversation: The Only Subject is Love

  123. Derricotte and Eady, Poetry Reading at Emory Libraries

  124. C.T. Vivian, Our Boys

  125. C.T. Vivian, Running on a Wire

  126. C.T. Vivian, Free Man's Will

  127. SCLC Places Archive at Emory (Part 2 of 3)

  128. SCLC Places Archives at Emory (Part 1 of 3)

  129. Study Spaces at Woodruff Library

  130. African Origins Project Website Tutorial

  131. African Origins Project - English

  132. Robert W. Woodruff: The Future Belongs to the Discontented

  133. MARBL

  134. Eamon Grennan, Working with Ideas

  135. Eamon Grennan, Never Collected

  136. Getting Help at Woodruff Library

  137. Introduction to MARBL

  138. Eamon Grennan, Sheer Starkness

  139. Getting Help at Woodruff Library

  140. Computing at Woodruff Library

  141. Resources at Woodruff Library

  142. discovere recall a checkedout book

  143. EUCLID: Locating a Journal from the Citation

  144. EUCLID: Searching by Keywords

  145. Eamon Grennan, A Larger Understanding

  146. Alice Walker, A Reading About Her Daughter

  147. Alice Walker, Previewing the Exhibition

  148. Using Zotero with the Euclid library catalog

  149. Alice Walker, The Animals

  150. Eamon Grennan, Catching up with Myself

  151. Alice Walker, Broken Things

  152. Alice Walker, A Reading from the Color Purple

  153. Rushdie and Researchers

  154. Alice Walker, Do they know how big the ocean is?

  155. Rushdie, The White Gloves Come Off

  156. Pinsky Reflects on Missed Poetry

  157. Pinsky & Young Talk Poetry

  158. Opening the Rushdie Archives, and elastic mind with the power of stories

  159. Endnote: Importing an item from PubMed

  160. Exploring Rushdie's Desktop

  161. Rushdie, Mapping the Writer's Life

  162. Alice Walker, In Your Freedom

  163. Alice Walker, "Lift Every Voice" and Sing

  164. discoverE: Keyword Search

  165. Pinsky Reads Elsie

  166. Alice Walker, Luring Romance to Your House

  167. discoverE: Title Search

  168. Alice Walker, From the Heart

  169. Alice Walker, Sarah Lawrence College

  170. Alice Walker, Spelman Classmate

  171. Eamon Grennan, Yeats'll drive you nuts!

  172. Using Zotero with the DiscoverE library

  173. Eamon Grennan, Archives, Richness Laid Out

  174. Rushdie, Historic Transitions

  175. discoverE: Author & Title Search

  176. Alice Walker, Sometimes I Weep

  177. Alice Walker, Poetry

  178. Alice Walker, Seeing Tomorrow from Here

  179. Alice Walker, Jesus

  180. Alice Walker, I Pray for You

  181. Rushdie Researcher Workstation Tutorial

  182. Rushdie, The Fax Hybrid

  183. Rushdie, Digital Archeology

  184. discoverE: Author Search

  185. Opening the Rushdie Archive, how amazing?!

  186. Alice Walker, Swept Away By Life's Good Broom

  187. Projeto das origens africanas Portugues [African Origins Project Portuguese]

  188. discoverE: Request an Item from Storage

  189. Le projet Origines Africaines - Francais [African Origins Project-French]

  190. Endnote: Using the Pubmed Connection File

  191. Alice Walker First Said No