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    Woman gives birth to 'rare' double identical twins

  2. 2739 Thumbnail

    Multiple injuries after massive fire in Kansas City shopping district

  3. 2740 Thumbnail

    Secret rooms uncovered at Warwick Castle, UK

  4. 2741 Thumbnail

    Fighter jet crash: Chaos as fighter jet crashes in Yemen's capital city Sanaa

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    Duchess of Cambridge shows off baby bump during Hope House visit

  6. 2743 Thumbnail

    Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton criticised by author Hilary Mantel

  7. 2744 Thumbnail

    Girl, 3, gets stuck in washing machine

  8. 2745 Thumbnail

    Reeva Steenkamp's uncle breaks down in tears after her funeral

  9. 2746 Thumbnail

    Austrian nudists tour a 'Naked Men' exhibition in Vienna

  10. 2747 Thumbnail

    Laughter yoga therapy in Venezuela

  11. 2748 Thumbnail

    DRAMATIC CCTV FOOTAGE: Police release video of hit and run

  12. 2749 Thumbnail

    The Family Line: Singapore dating song becomes Internet hit

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    War of the Tomato: Thousands take part in Chilean tomato fight

  14. 2751 Thumbnail

    So cute! Lion cub quadruplets make their public debut

  15. 2752 Thumbnail

    Oscar Pistorius' agent visits the athlete at police station and talks about his future

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    AMAZING PICTURES: The moment a baby killer whale is born at SeaWorld San Diego

  17. 2754 Thumbnail

    Asteroid's near miss with Earth

  18. 2755 Thumbnail

    Cute baby giraffe at Santiago zoo in Chile

  19. 2756 Thumbnail

    Oscar Pistorius leaves police station in Pretoria, South Africa

  20. 2757 Thumbnail

    Kim Jong-il wrist watches given out in North Korea to celebrate late leader's birthday

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    Amazing underwater wedding footage

  22. 2759 Thumbnail

    'Self-driving' robot car unveiled by engineers from Oxford University

  23. 2760 Thumbnail

    Giant sea turtle gets prosthetic flippers in Japan

  24. 2761 Thumbnail

    Russian meteor: Amazing video of explosion as seen by drivers in Urals region

  25. 2762 Thumbnail

    Kangaroos storm golf course during Women's Australian Open in Canberra

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    Tiny piglet walks on wheels instead of legs

  27. 2764 Thumbnail

    Russian meteor: Meteor explodes in flash of brilliant light over Russian Urals scattering meteorites

  28. 2765 Thumbnail

    Russian Meteor Shower Reports: Video shows trails of smoke in eastern Russia

  29. 2766 Thumbnail

    Prime Minister fail: David Cameron offends B&Q workers by joking about Ikea

  30. 2767 Thumbnail

    Oscar Pistorius' lawyer: 'He is very well, obviously emotional, but he is fine'

  31. 2768 Thumbnail

    Mass wedding: Couples marry on Valentine's Day in the Philippines

  32. 2769 Thumbnail

    Chewing gum art: Ukraine artist chews her way to fame

  33. 2770 Thumbnail

    Man's oldest ancestor identified as rat-sized mammal

  34. 2771 Thumbnail

    Oscar Pistorius police statement: Previous alleged 'domestic incidents' at Oscar Pistorius' home

  35. 2772 Thumbnail

    TV brawl: Georgia MPs come to blows in heated debate on live TV in Tbilisi

  36. 2773 Thumbnail

    Oscar Pistorius girlfriend shot dead in Pretoria, South Africa

  37. 2774 Thumbnail

    David Beckham trains with Paris Saint Germain for the first time

  38. 2775 Thumbnail

    Ape woman laid to rest in Mexico hometown, 150 years after her death

  39. 2776 Thumbnail

    Hula hooping Guinness world record broken in Thailand

  40. 2777 Thumbnail

    Matt Damon vows to go on 'toilet strike' to raise awareness for clean water

  41. 2778 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton bikini shots: Woman's Day editor defends decision to publish bikini shots

  42. 2779 Thumbnail

    The world's biggest Easter egg hunt hits London

  43. 2780 Thumbnail

    US President Barack Obama makes an emotional gun pledge in his State of the Union address

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    CCTV of hit and run: Woman and toddler hit by car in Coventry- both survive

  45. 2782 Thumbnail

    Great Spitalfields Pancake Race 2013

  46. 2783 Thumbnail

    Bolt from the blue: Lightning strikes St Peter's Basilica in Rome after Pope's resignation

  47. 2784 Thumbnail

    Couples in Thailand try to break record for the world's longest kiss

  48. 2785 Thumbnail

    One reporter's miserable time on the red carpet at the BAFTAs

  49. 2786 Thumbnail

    North Korea conducts nuclear test

  50. 2787 Thumbnail

    Rio de Janeiro Carnival reaches its sexy climax at the Sambadrome

  51. 2788 Thumbnail

    Chimps at Whipsnade Zoo get special Valentine's Day gifts

  52. 2789 Thumbnail

    Fight breaks out on live TV in Lebanon during Syria debate

  53. 2790 Thumbnail

    Pope resignation: Benedict XVI no longer able to cope says Vatican

  54. 2791 Thumbnail

    Pope Benedict XVI to resign

  55. 2792 Thumbnail

    Kumbh Mela stampede kills dozens in northern India

  56. 2793 Thumbnail

    Steven Seagal trains Americans how to stop school shooters using guns and martial arts

  57. 2794 Thumbnail

    Celine Dion leads China's New Year party... in flawless Chinese

  58. 2795 Thumbnail

    Dog Fashion Show: Pampered pets star in New York charity fundraiser

  59. 2796 Thumbnail

    Baby lion cubs: Cali zoo in Colombia welcomes three lion cubs

  60. 2797 Thumbnail

    Rio de Janeiro Carnival: Samba schools take to the Sambadrome in Brazil

  61. 2798 Thumbnail

    Travel Buddy: Inventor demonstrates the latest travel sleep aid

  62. 2799 Thumbnail

    Exotic animal market in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  63. 2800 Thumbnail

    Lucerne Carnival: Carnival-goers sport their ugliest masks for a carnival in Switzerland

  64. 2801 Thumbnail

    Cooking with dirt: Chef uses soil in meals at Tokyo restaurant

  65. 2802 Thumbnail

    HILARIOUS VIDEO! South Korean Air Force parody Les Miserables

  66. 2803 Thumbnail

    Devastating pictures emerge from Solomon Islands' eathquake and tsunami

  67. 2804 Thumbnail

    White rhinos taught English at British zoo ... cute!

  68. 2805 Thumbnail

    Pianist tries to make London Zoo's tortoises mate to his music

  69. 2806 Thumbnail

    New pics released of orphaned pygmy elephant as authorities investigate

  70. 2807 Thumbnail

    Chris Huhne speeding trial: Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce phone call played out in court

  71. 2808 Thumbnail

    Amazing courtroom video: Florida judge jails teenager for swearing at him in court

  72. 2809 Thumbnail

    Hilarious video: Toddler moons at Chinese Vice President

  73. 2810 Thumbnail

    Wacky gadgets and inventions to aid long-distance travel in China

  74. 2811 Thumbnail

    Vertical marathon: Hundreds race up Empire State Building

  75. 2812 Thumbnail

    Revolutionary new cancer treatment being developed in the US

  76. 2813 Thumbnail

    Snake farm: Snakes eat live chickens as people eat dead snakes in Taiwan

  77. 2814 Thumbnail

    Phonekerchief: A handkerchief for mobile phones is unveiled in New York

  78. 2815 Thumbnail

    Olympic dream of armless Afghan teen

  79. 2816 Thumbnail

    Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl victory parade in Baltimore

  80. 2817 Thumbnail

    Man rides crocodile motorbike around India

  81. 2818 Thumbnail

    Dispute over criminals' skulls in Italy

  82. 2819 Thumbnail

    North Korea releases video of US city in flames

  83. 2820 Thumbnail

    Bionic man goes on display at London's Science Museum

  84. 2821 Thumbnail

    French Spiderman Alain Robert scales Cuba's Habana Libre hotel with no ropes

  85. 2822 Thumbnail

    Dyson launches hand-drying Airblade water tap

  86. 2823 Thumbnail

    Rocket camera: Video of South Korean rocket in space

  87. 2824 Thumbnail

    Syrian rebels 'shoot down' plane: Amateur video

  88. 2825 Thumbnail

    Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne shaky and drunk at charity event

  89. 2826 Thumbnail

    Skeleton is King Richard III's remains

  90. 2827 Thumbnail

    Shocking video: Egyptian riot police beat naked protester

  91. 2828 Thumbnail

    Huge soybean fight! People in Tokyo hurl beans for spring equinox

  92. 2829 Thumbnail

    Demonstrators strip off for anti-bullfighting protest in Mexico

  93. 2830 Thumbnail

    Israeli politician Yair Lapid rocks out on stage

  94. 2831 Thumbnail

    Groundhog Day returns to Gobbler's Knob as Punxsutawney Phil foresees an early Spring

  95. 2832 Thumbnail

    Fearless French 'Spiderman' Alain Robert scales rusty Havana tower block in Cuba

  96. 2833 Thumbnail

    Iran unveils its very own stealth fighter

  97. 2834 Thumbnail

    Puppy Bowl: Forget Super Bowl it's all about Puppy Bowl

  98. 2835 Thumbnail

    Fortune teller predicts year ahead for celebs including Psy, Taylor Swift and Oprah

  99. 2836 Thumbnail

    Traffic stopping marriage proposal: Hundreds of bikers block the I-10 in California