1. Guy calls operator looking for Batmans phone number

  2. The Official Theme Song of The President of The United States and Congress

  3. The good samaritan call who heard me screaming HELP AND RAPE!

  4. The 911 call that I made and I got fired for.

  5. This is my own 911 call that I had to make. I got fired for!

  6. 911 does not believe the guy calling has dead body

  7. Man calls 911 to claim his neighbors are cooking a human being

  8. Man calls 911 after he puts a live deer in his car and it tears his car apart

  9. Man calls 911 to ask where all the butterflies come from

  10. Man calls 911 to say he was raped

  11. Woman calls 911 to ask for a police officer to come over and open her beer can

  12. Guy calls 911 for a noise complaint

  13. the history of the word "fuck"

  14. Woman gets pranked thinking its "Midas auto repair"

  15. UFO

  16. Testicle bomb

  17. the angry American 0001

  18. Man calls 911 to ask if its ok to shoot the construction workers

  19. Man calls 911 to report his wife is trying to mace him

  20. Man catches guy in pool with his penis in the pump

  21. Women calls 911 to ask if its ok for her friend to have sex with a homeless man

  22. Ned calls Hasbro about the new Operation game

  23. Ned calls mattel about the new tattoo Barbie doll

  24. Ramblin Rod interviews my neighbor

  25. Ramblin Rod interviews my sister Tanya

  26. Ramblin Rod pop shoppe pop 1979

  27. Tylers Ramblin Rod bday 1979

  28. Ned calls the operation Hotline to suggest some new ideas

  29. Logan and Payton are Bad to the Bone

  30. Why a meat eater and vegetarian marriages don't work

  31. Pilot takes off and lands for the first and last time in a seaplane

  32. Man cuddles with his kittens

  33. Joe VS Deer 911 call

  34. The Dukes Pledge of Allegiance

  35. Please adopt Pinky the kitty cat.

  36. Ned calls the Gay and Lesbian Alliance

  37. Neds Darkie call

  38. Neds Cowshit lane call

  39. Ned calls the Nut Store

  40. Ned sings the Tea Bag

  41. Ned tells the bible story of Noahs Ark

  42. Ned talks about living life

  43. Ned talks about going to Heaven

  44. Ned suggests new Hockey names for Minnesota team

  45. Ned sings Youre a Mean One MR. Clem

  46. Ned sings the Mel Gibson Jew song

  47. Ned sings the Lesbian Convoy song

  48. Ned sings the Cameltoe song

  49. Ned Sings The Birthday Song

  50. Ned Sings Suck Dick in Heaven

  51. Ned sings Shit your pants

  52. Ned Sings Shes a small whore after all

  53. Ned sings Row Row Your dope to the kids

  54. Ned sings Psycho Asian Man

  55. Ned sings Nursery Rhymes to kids

  56. Ned sings Ned Mcdonald had a farm to the kids

  57. Ned sings Muslim Rap

  58. Ned sings Live like you were fryin

  59. Ned Sings Insane Fucking Husein

  60. Ned sings Howard came down

  61. Ned Sings Crap in A Box

  62. Ned Sings Cowboy Homo's

  63. Ned Sings Afro American Pie

  64. Ned signs up for the Senior Olympics

  65. Ned signs up for a contest

  66. Ned interviews President Bill Clinton

  67. Ned has no Toilet Paper call

  68. Ned Goes Tampon shopping with kids

  69. Ned gives the Paralympics some new event ideas

  70. Ned gives the NCAA a taste of there own Medicine

  71. Ned explains Bill and Monicas relationship to kids

  72. Ned Complains to the FCC about using the word Fuck on TV

  73. Ned cancels his subscription to XM Radio

  74. Ned calls Walt Disney World Studios

  75. Ned calls UPN Programming

  76. Ned calls UPN about slavery show

  77. Ned calls TNN about the cartoon Stripperella

  78. Ned calls the Zoo

  79. Ned calls the Zoo

  80. Ned calls the Underwear Hotline

  81. Ned calls the shoe Company

  82. Ned calls the Redneck Shop 3of3

  83. Ned calls the Redneck Shop 2of3

  84. Ned calls the Redneck Shop 1of3

  85. Ned calls the Monkey Jungle

  86. Ned calls the hotel about the HoMo Convention

  87. Ned calls the Golf Course about them banning cussing

  88. Ned calls the gay and lesbian channel

  89. Ned calls the funny farm about the nude BBQ Party

  90. Ned calls the Elvis hotline

  91. Ned calls the Dept of transportation about the KKK

  92. Ned calls the Cannibus club

  93. Ned calls the Butterball turkey hotline

  94. Ned calls the Brown and Williams Tobacco Corp

  95. Ned calls the 700 Club for a Prayer

  96. Ned Calls prison to ask if they caught the escapee yet

  97. Ned calls post office about the new Malcom X stamp

  98. Ned calls Police Dept about there Helicopter Ride to get donuts

  99. Ned calls police dept about changing black targets to blue