1. DIYU: Interview with Anya Kamenetz

  2. "Reality the Game": An Interview with Interactive Game Designer and PhD Student Jeff Watson

  3. DML2012 Plenary Session 2

  4. Laura Forlano - DML Summer Institute 2011

  5. Tanner Higgin - DML Summer Institute 2011

  6. Christo Sims - DML Summer Institute 2011

  7. Phillip Schmidt, Ignite Talk Saturday

  8. Mimi Ito, Ignite Talk Saturday

  9. Mel Chua, Ignite Talk Saturday

  10. Jeff Sturges, Ignite Talk Saturday

  11. Hsing Wei, Ignite Talk Saturday

  12. Henry Jenkins, Ignite Talk Saturday

  13. Heather Mallak, Ignite Talk Saturday

  14. Heather Braum, Ignite Talk Saturday

  15. Chris Lawrence, Ignite Talk Saturday

  16. Ben Chun, Ignite Talk Saturday

  17. Tessa Joseph-Nicholas, Ignite Talk Thursday

  18. Rafi Santo, Ignite Talk Thursday

  19. Peter Kittle, Ignite Talk Thursday

  20. Nishant Shah, Ignite Talk Thursday

  21. Kea Anderson, Ignite Talk Thursday

  22. Doug Belshaw, Ignite Talk Thursday

  23. David Cooper Moore, Ignite Talk Thursday

  24. Crystle Martin, Ignite Talk Thursday

  25. Chad Sansing, Ignite Talk Thursday

  26. Diana Rhoten Keynote Introduction

  27. DML2012 John Seely Brown Keynote

  28. P2PU: Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything

  29. SCS 2012 Mimi Ito: "Helping to Fix Educational Opportunity"

  30. Aaron Knochel - DML Summer Institute 2011

  31. Bryan Alexander: Preparing Teachers and Students to Succeed in an Open-Ended Future

  32. Karen Brennan - DML Summer Institute 2011

  33. Steve Hargadon: Reimagining Education as Networked, Participatory, Social and Global

  34. Mimi Ito: The Positive Potential of Peer Pressure and Messing Around Online

  35. Betsy DiSalvo - DML Summer Institute 2011

  36. Mark Chen - DML Summer Institute 2011

  37. Katie Davis - DML Summer Institute 2011

  38. Justin Reich - DML Summer Institute 2011

  39. Lisa Schwartz - DML Summer Institute 2011

  40. Sean McCarthy - DML Summer Institute 2011

  41. Andrew Manches - DML Summer Institute 2011

  42. DML2012 - Mark Surman: Democratizing Learning Innovation

  43. DML2012 - Tracy Fullerton: Reimagining Media for Learning

  44. DML2012 - Antero Garcia: Seeing the Classroom as a Hub of Technology-enabled Social Change

  45. DML2012 - Mitch Resnick: Making, Tinkering, and Remixing in Learning Innovation

  46. DML2012: Beyond Educational Technology (Diana Rhoten)

  47. Does social media and the Internet fuel youth political engagement?

  48. Games Scholar Constance Steinkuhler on Interest-Driven Learning Using Video Games

  49. Professor/Researcher Kurt Squire on How Video Games Can Encourage Civic Engagement

  50. Education Professional Elyse Eidman-Aadahl on Digital Media's Influence on Writing

  51. Einstein, YouTube, and New Media Literacies in the Connected Age

  52. Education Professor Joseph Kahne on the Impact of Digital Media on Political Participation

  53. Mozilla Drumbeat: Open Web Meets Open Learning

  54. Professor and Game Designer Katie Salen on Games, Learning, and New Media

  55. Games and Education Scholar James Paul Gee on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy

  56. Social Scientist Diana Rhoten on 21st Century Learning, Youth Networks, and Digital Media

  57. Innovation Expert John Seely Brown on New Ways of Learning in a Rapidly-Changing World

  58. Cultural Anthropologist Mimi Ito on Connected Learning, Children, and Digital Media

  59. Digital Media Scholar Nichole Pinkard on Digital Youth Culture and New Media

  60. Media Scholar Henry Jenkins on Participatory Culture and Civic Engagement

  61. Learning, Playing, Designing: Video Games in School

  62. Shelly Terrell: Global Netweaver, Curator, Passionate Learning Network (PLN) Builder

  63. DML Conference 2011: Designing Learning Futures (S. Craig Watkins)

  64. DML Conference 2011: Designing Learning Futures (Mark Surman)

  65. DML Conference 2011: Designing Learning Futures (Trebor Scholz)

  66. DML Conference 2011: Designing Learning Futures (Sheryl Grant)

  67. DML Conference 2011: Designing Learning Futures (Katie Salen, Conference Chair)

  68. DML Conference 2011: Designing Learning Futures (danah boyd)