1. SkyDriveStu

  2. Attach Content to a Discussion Board Post

  3. Review the SafeAssign SA Report

  4. Add a SafeAssign Assignment to a Blackbard Content Area

  5. Access and Complete a SafeAssign Assignment

  6. Direct Submit a SafeAssign Assignemt

  7. Provide Student Feedback with the Blackboard Grade Center

  8. Pasting Text into the Blackboard Text Editor

  9. The Blackboard End of Semester Checklist

  10. Yikes

  11. Tips for Online Learning

  12. Create and Associate a Blackboard Rubric

  13. Grade using a Blackboard Rubric

  14. Create a Blackboard assignment


  16. POWERPOINTDEMO1.Movie.1024x768.mp4

  17. Grammar and style formatting for APA

  18. APA Template in Word 2010

  19. Blackboard Collaborate User Overview

  20. Create Blackboard Folders

  21. Blackboard Collaborate, Part 1

  22. Advisor or Faculty Advisor Contact Information

  23. How to Find your Primary Advisor on MyWord

  24. How to Log into MyWord

  25. Blackboard Collaborate Part 2; The Audio & Video, Participants, and Chat panels

  26. Blackboard Collaborate, Part 3, The Whiteboard

  27. Downloading Folder Template to Your Computer

  28. How to Import your Folder Template

  29. Collaborate Training Part 4

  30. Blackboard Folder Template

  31. EXCEL ONLINE TRAINING Movie 1024x768

  32. Library Resources & the Perils of the Lit Review (Part 1)

  33. Faculty Resources

  34. Create an Outlook Contact List from a list of email addresses

  35. Uploading Your Blackboard Syllabus

  36. Creating a Blackboard Faculty Profile

  37. How to Modify Existing Items

  38. How to Upload Course Material

  39. Student Resources

  40. Self-Enroll in Blackboard Organizations

  41. Epsilen Access Keys

  42. BbiBookLOGIN

  43. Syllabus

  44. Add Course Documents

  45. Create an External Link in Blackboard

  46. Banner Proxy

  47. Library Resources and the Perils of the Lit Review

  48. Blackboard Tour

  49. BootCamp2013

  50. Make a Blackboard Course Available

  51. Blackboard Announcements

  52. Creating a digital Signature in Outlook

  53. How to Find Your Advisor

  54. Access HR Training through Blackboard Collaborate

  55. Locating Books using Call Numbers

  56. How to Register for Classes in MyWord

  57. How to Register for Classes in Banner Web

  58. How_to_Register_for_Classes_in_MyWord