1. Schieffer: NRA could play constructive role on gun control

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  14. Nutcracker cast rings Wall Street opening bell

  15. Haribo wins gummi bear trademark case

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  21. Eagle snatches toddler in a park, caught on tape

  22. "A Christmas Story" added to Library of Congress

  23. FBI fails to recover data from Adam Lanza's computer

  24. Miller: Broadwell not off-the-hook completely

  25. State Dept facing intense scrutiny after new Benghazi report

  26. Soto family shares last words with fallen daughter

  27. Vicki Soto's family on Obama: Told us she's a hero

  28. Petraeus mistress cleared of cyber-stalking

  29. Newtown: Funerals for victims continue

  30. White Christmas could disrupt holiday travel

  31. Gun sales soared day after Newtown massacre

  32. NRA speaks out about Newtown gun massacre

  33. Fiscal cliff optimism takes a dive

  34. Report: State Dept. failed on Benghazi security

  35. No link between Ground Zero site and cancer, study says

  36. History of record label EMI

  37. Amid funerals, schools reopen in Newtown

  38. Newtown shooting first responder: It was chaos

  39. Lawmakers lead the way to ban assault weapons, large magazines

  40. Texas school allows teachers to carry concealed weapons

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  42. "Fiscal cliff": Effect on seniors

  43. Can a mental illness make someone violent?

  44. Newtown tragedy a "reminder" to Obama "to do more," Carney says

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  46. Hasbro adds new colors to Easy Bake following petition

  47. Robot arm controlled by brain of quadriplegic woman

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  51. Watch small dog skateboard, ride tricycle

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  54. Columbine, Aurora survivors hit hard by Newtown tragedy

  55. Queen attends cabinet meeting for first time

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  59. The AR-15: America's gun of choice

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  63. NBC's Richard Engel held captive in Syria, set free

  64. Headlines: Spacecraft deliberately crashed into moon

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  66. Political reaction to Newtown, CT tragedy

  67. Gun sales on the rise after Conn. shooting

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  73. Coast Guard investigating oil sheen found in the Gulf

  74. Schools beef up security nationwide after Newtown

  75. "No one has been a better American than Sen. Inouye," Reid says

  76. Funerals begin for Conn. shooting victims

  77. Hawaii Sen. Inouye dies at age 88

  78. McConnell: Sen. Inouye was a "true hero"

  79. Is there a link between Asperger's and violent behavior?

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  81. Burial held for royal hoax nurse

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  83. Preventing acts of violence

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