1. Japanese fire belly larvae

  2. Early Development of the Japanese Fire belly newt

  3. Tailbud to Hatching (Swimming Larva stage) fire belly newts

  4. Adult male fire belly newt with blue-purple tail

  5. No Safety in the Village Managua

  6. We run da night ...

  7. Fire belly larva and Juveniles eating Tubifex nom nom nom

  8. The Original Super Woman ..

  9. Guy goes crazy about Gossip Girl

  10. Lunch Time! Japanese Fire belly Newts

  11. How to rear baby newts from egg to swimming larva

  12. Japanese Fire Belly newt Orange Mutant? pt2

  13. How big is the Universe? What is the smallest thing we know of?

  14. Japanese Fire Belly Newt eating brine shrimp

  15. Yokohama a Quick look (横浜市)

  16. New Years 2012 ! Zojoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

  17. My liver hurts

  18. Our Friend Tequila 2011-12-15

  19. Traveling around

  20. We love Beijing, China

  21. Tsukuba Matsuri 2011-08-28

  22. Don't feed the animals

  23. Earthquake disasster Magnitude 9.0

  24. Goofying around @ Tsukuba, Japan

  25. 2 Slovenians, 1 Nicaraguan, and Some Chu Hi in Japan

  26. Summer Sonic 2011 @ Tokyo, Japan

  27. Dead legged

  28. Japanese Fire Belly Newt female laying eggs

  29. Japanese Fire Belly newt Orange Mutant? pt1

  30. Short Story

  31. Mi Nicaraguita in Tokyo Japan