1. Introductions: Nicole

  2. Friday: Airport bathroom awkwardness

  3. Monday: Nicole continues to be weird at the airport

  4. Monday: Places Are Awesome

  5. Nicole is vague, feelings, and Trashy Sequined Katniss

  6. Monday: Change, Family, and other Adult-like things

  7. Saint Malo, Books, and #expatproblems

  8. Identity, archiving, language, and a side order of humiliation.

  9. Expat Cooking: Nutella & espresso cookies

  10. It's a free-for-all.

  11. Elections! Independence days! Foreigner stuff!

  12. Nicole has a case of Finals Homesickness. Also she is tired.

  13. Nicole's pointless super power.

  14. Tourists!

  15. Francey Pants

  16. Music! Morocco! Fes Festival! EXCLAMATION POINTS!

  17. Homeless, inappropriate, and missing yoooouuuu

  18. Homeless, inappropriate, and missing yoooouuuu

  19. Nicole's celebrity look-alike is a lion.

  20. A seriously boring story about banking abroad woes.

  21. Thoughts From Places: Rennes, Food, and a SPECTACULAR!

  22. Post-Expat Blues

  23. Nicole has wallet woes.

  24. Nicole misses your faces and promises to start being a better Monday.

  25. Book Club!

  26. Nicole wants to travel to all the places, once she is no longer broken.

  27. movies, jobs, and rambling.

  28. working with less work

  29. I need alone time.

  30. Here's my number.

  31. A bajillion TV shows Nicole won't watch.

  32. Nicole is starting a TEC tradition of being incoherent.

  33. YouTube and Scared and Foreign Language and Tangeants

  34. big world/little world.

  35. newyearness

  36. idk.

  37. videos about videos?