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Sonic Advance 1_Stage 6 - Egg Rocket Zone Act 1_Sonic

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Uploaded on Jun 23, 2007


I hate this stage...


This vid was requested by Sokobansolver and I would like to say that if you want to see a specific zone/act, please leave a request in the comments. It should be ready within a day of your request. A reply will be sent to confirm your request. Also, I apologize for the sound lag in the vid (if any).

I have certain standards that need to be followed.

You may only choose between the following characters:

-Tails (in Sonic Advance 1, you can request for him to tag along with Sonic)
-Cream (Sonic Advance 2 and 3 only)

You must tell me which of the Sonic Advance series you want to see them in.

You must tell me:

-which zone and act
Sonic Advance 1: 6 Zones, 2 Acts each, or Final Boss (other bosses are in Act 2 of all zones, cannot request seperately)
Sonic Advance 2: 7 Zones, 2 Acts or 1 Boss each, or Final Boss
Sonic Advance 3: 7 Zones, 3 Acts or 1 Boss each, or Final and Extra Boss
-If Sonic Advance 3, which team you want (the character you mention first is the one I play as)
-If Sonic Advance 3, which color emblem you want me to collect.


My vids will be done using MY skill so don't badmouth me. (If you want to give me advice, that's different.) Actually, don't badmouth me at all please. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all. THE FIRST YOU CHARACTER YOU MENTION IN YOUR REQUEST IS THE CHARACTER THAT I USE IN THAT ZONE/ACT/BOSS!!! That's all! Now sit back and enjoy! Please rate. (Whew!)

I do not tolerate insulting comments to ANYONE. Any and all we be deleted within a day in which the comment was posted (unless someone else tells them off within that timeframe).

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