1. Why Relationships Fail - And How to Change That!

  2. What Does Sex Mean to You?

  3. Single at Midlife - Do I Have a Chance?

  4. Fading Passion - Keep Sexual Passion Alive!

  5. Are You Relationship Ready?

  6. Inappropriate Relationship with Boss

  7. Dealing With Past Trauma

  8. The SelfQuest Computer Program: The Power to Heal Yourself

  9. Dr. Margaret Paul: The Six Steps of Inner Bonding®

  10. You Are Not Alone - Discover our Community of Caring, Compassionate Learners!

  11. Discover Inner Bonding® - The Power to Heal Yourself

  12. Dr. Margaret Paul: SelfQuest® Intro and tour

  13. Dr. Margaret Paul: Heal Your Aloneness with Inner Bonding®

  14. Dr. Margaret Paul: Beyond Emotional Dependency to Emotional Freedom with Inner Bonding®

  15. Dr. Margaret Paul: How I Healed My Food Addiction With Inner Bonding®

  16. Dr. Margaret Paul: Stop Fighting, Start Loving with Inner Bonding®

  17. Dr. Margaret Paul: How To Know When You Are In Love

  18. How to Know When to Leave a Relationship

  19. The Spiritual Path of Inner Bonding®

  20. Dr. Margaret Paul: The Inner Bonding® Path to Loving Parenting

  21. Dr. Margaret Paul: How to Heal Your Addictions With Inner Bonding®

  22. Dr. Margaret Paul: How to Heal Your Anxiety with Inner Bonding®

  23. Dr. Margaret Paul: How to Heal Depression With Inner Bonding®

  24. The Relationship Trap: "Let's Talk"

  25. Life's One Achievable Goal

  26. Do you Have a Healthy Relationship?

  27. The Secret to Emotional Healing

  28. Food That Harms, Food that Heals

  29. Do You Get Frustrated With Others?

  30. Disengaging From Conflict

  31. How We break Each Others' Hearts

  32. Addictions: Talking as a Form of Resistance

  33. Addiction to Spending

  34. How Do You Define Success.

  35. Gaining Others' Respect

  36. How Do You Try to Control Getting Love?

  37. Healing Heartbreak Without Addictions

  38. Your Spiritual Connection

  39. Sex in Long Term Relationships

  40. Introduction to Inner Bonding

  41. Healing Hurt Feelings

  42. Resistance and Procrastination

  43. Love and Relationships

  44. Conflict and Conflict Resolution

  45. Understanding and Overcoming Addictions

  46. Caretaking in Relationships

  47. Anger and Anger Management

  48. The Six Steps of Inner Bonding

  49. Inner Bonding: Core Self, Wounded Self

  50. The 6 Steps of Inner Bonding - 1-3

  51. Inner Bonding Role Play

  52. Inner Bonding: The Loving Adult

  53. Inner Bonding: Loneliness and Aloneness