1. L307 Fast doublethumb picking bass

  2. L 303 Slap bass with doublethumb

  3. L302 Slap, tap and slide bass

  4. L301 Hammeron slap and strum bass in A

  5. L258 Em slap w cross string hammerons

  6. L252 Doublethumb slap in G

  7. L251 E9 or Em9 Double thumb bass pattern

  8. L246 E major pentatonic slap bass melody

  9. L166 Funky E7 slap bass fill

  10. L239 E slap bass w ascending 6ths

  11. L232 E slap bass with double thumbing and lotsa popping

  12. L231 G slap bass with fast pulloffs

  13. LL E major pentatonic slap bass melody

  14. L225 Em hammeron slap bass

  15. L228 E slap bass w cross-string hammerons

  16. L230 Slap bass lick in 2 octaves

  17. L219 E Slap bass in 1st position

  18. L215 slap bass w hammerons

  19. L152 Slap bass Doublethumppppp! in G

  20. L151 Slap bass with the "Jimi Hendrix" chord

  21. L148 Double pluck bass in A

  22. L146 slapping and tapping bass

  23. L142 G funk bass with strum

  24. L141 Slap bass groove in E #3

  25. L137 Slap bass groove in E

  26. L140 Doublethumb slap bass fill in E

  27. L139 Slap bass groove in E #2

  28. L127 Slap bass fill in A

  29. L126 Slap bass in E with Pulloffs

  30. L123 Slap bass with cross-string hammerons

  31. L119 E7 slap bass w double thumbing

  32. L104 Double thumb slap bass lesson in E

  33. L103 Slap bass lesson Louis Johnson style

  34. L98 Double thumb bass exercise in D

  35. L93 Double thumbing slap bass groove in A

  36. L92 Double thumb bass exercise Am

  37. L85 Slap bass in D7

  38. L84 Slap w strum and powerchords i Em

  39. L83 Slap bass in A w double thumbing

  40. L80 Groovy slap bass in A

  41. L77 Doublethumbing in A minor

  42. L73 Slap bass with powerchords and double thumbing

  43. L72 Swing slap bass in Dm

  44. L71 Swing slap in G

  45. L67 Medium slow slap bass in G

  46. L65 Slapbass line w Doublethumbing in F7

  47. L64 Slap bass doublethumbing in G major

  48. L61 Slap bass line in E

  49. L58 Slap Bass line in Em

  50. L57 Slap Bass fill in Em

  51. 040209 Fast slap bass doublethumb fill

  52. L45 Slap bass line in A7

  53. L46 Slap bass line in C# m

  54. L39 Slap bass line w DT in E7

  55. L42 Slap bass Em pentatonic fill-line

  56. L38 Doublethumb bass in Eb

  57. L20 Slap bass in E

  58. L184 Slap bass line in E

  59. L32 slap bass in E

  60. L30 Slap bass w double thumbing in E

  61. L26 Slap bass fill in E

  62. L16 Basic slap bass in E

  63. L11 Slap bass fill in G

  64. L05 E7 slap bass line with slides

  65. L14 Slap bass line E7 to A7

  66. L07 Shuffle Slap bass in Em

  67. L17 Slap bass D w double thumb

  68. L04 Slap bass groove in A

  69. L09 Pentatonic slap bass fill in E

  70. L08 Double thumbing bass in D

  71. L199 Lick of the day unedited;-)

  72. L193 Fast Slap bass in A

  73. L182 E major pentatonic melodic slap bass

  74. L164 Slap bass technique

  75. Up the creek bass tutorial

  76. Doublethumbing bass tutorial

  77. bass slap school #1

  78. Hair - Larry Graham - bass lesson

  79. teen town bass lesson

  80. funk slap bass muted / ghost note lecture

  81. advanced slap bass double thumb lesson

  82. Louis Johnson slap bass style #1

  83. funk bass strumming

  84. Bass groove school # 5

  85. Bass groove school # 3

  86. slap bass lesson 2

  87. double thumb bass lesson

  88. slap bass "lesson" #1

  89. Slap bass lesson with TAB

  90. L336 Slap bass in E minor

  91. Slap bass groove in Am

  92. Beginning slap bass lesson DVD excerpt "Wyzard (Mothers Finest) slap style"

  93. L319 Slap bass in C#minor w open strings

  94. L317 D open string funky bass groove

  95. Beginning Slap Bass DVD teaser

  96. L315 Slap bass groove with left hand hammerons and open string plucks

  97. L313 Slap bass in medium-slow tempo

  98. 6. Slap bass lesson - beginner/intermediate

  99. 5. Slap bass lesson - beginner/intermediate

  100. 4. Slap bass lesson - beginner/intermediate

  101. 3. Slap bass lesson - beginner/intermediate

  102. 2. Slap bass lesson 2/2 - beginner/intermediate

  103. 2. Slap bass lesson 1/2 - beginner/intermediate

  104. 1. Slap bass lesson - beginner/intermediate