1. Wobblepants Conquers Hovermouse

  2. Rupert Giles Wobblepants Defined

  3. A Very Cerebellar Laser Chase

  4. Cerebellar Cat and Mouse

  5. Wobblepants Play Session

  6. Hall of the Wobblepants King

  7. Attack of the Hovermouse part II

  8. How to Play Indoors Like A Murkin

  9. Rupert vs The White Stripes

  10. Murkin and Wobblepants during naptime

  11. Murkin and Wobblepants Play

  12. Murkin and Wobblepants in Attack of the Hover Mouse

  13. Murkin and Wobblepants

  14. Rupert Wobblepants meets Murkin

  15. A sneak peak of Murkin's new special kitten friend

  16. Flufferpants and Murkin snuggle one last time

  17. Murkin gets a kitty massage from Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants

  18. Ginger vs. Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants Dance Off

  19. Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants gives snuggles to Murkin

  20. Murkin and Shasta

  21. Murkin plays fetch

  22. Murkin goes for a ride

  23. Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants meets Murkin for the first time

  24. Murkin has a bunny friend

  25. Murkin and Ginger Snuggling v3

  26. Murkin says Happy Valentines Day

  27. Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants I (first video)

  28. Murkin gets loved by the kittens

  29. Murkin gets groomed by kittens

  30. Murkin goes to WAR with the kittens

  31. Murkin playing with more ADORABLE kittens

  32. Murkin sits next to a playful kitten

  33. Murkin playing with five cute kittens

  34. Murkin and Ginger snuggle v2

  35. Murkin has a kitty boo (dog snuggling with kitten)

  36. Murkin gets his heart un-broken (dog playing with kittens)

  37. Murkin the dog cuddling with a tabby kitten

  38. Murkin and his kittens will make you smile

  39. Murkin comforts abandoned baby kittens

  40. Murkin gets his heart broken

  41. Super Adorable! Murkin snuggles with Ginger v1

  42. Super cute! Murkin opens his Christmas present.mov

  43. Cute tabby kitten playing while dog sleeps.mov

  44. Worlds most patient dog with playful kittens

  45. Murkin playing with cute foster kitten

  46. Special looking kitties

  47. Orange kitten playing with dog's tail

  48. Murkin meets new foster kittens

  49. Cat digging to china in litterbox

  50. Yau the clumsy kitten does a flip

  51. Kitten named Yau contemplates life

  52. Kitten named Kennedy is fascinated by...a post

  53. Clumsy kitten named Yau

  54. Happy family: Mama kitty playing with her kittens

  55. KITTEN smack down!!

  56. Little kitten discovers I HAZ A PAW!

  57. Cute 2-3 week old kitten with slight head tremor

  58. Little kittens recovered from upper respiratory infection

  59. Foster kitty China loves to play

  60. Neuro kittens or normal?

  61. WARNING extreme CUTENESS overload 13 day old KITTENS

  62. CAUTION this baby kitten is so CUTE its DANGEROUS.

  63. CUTE kitten napping with friendz

  64. Cute 11 day old kitten makes brownies

  65. Kittens sleeping at 10 days old

  66. CAUTION this might just be the CUTEST KITTEN IN THE WORLD

  67. CAUTION super cute kittens will melt your heart!! 7 days old

  68. Kitten Pile at 7 days old

  69. Cute 10 day old kitten yawning and playing

  70. CUTE (8 days old) kitten playing.mov

  71. CUTE (8 days old) kitten yawns.mov

  72. CUTE 6 day old kittens dreaming in their sleep

  73. Precious moments of 6 day old kittens sleeping peacefully

  74. Video 42: Murkin the dog playing with cute adorable kittens

  75. Video 41: 6 day old CUTE tabby kitten

  76. Video 40: Murkin the dog playing with cute adorable calico kitten

  77. video 39: Murkin the dog falls asleep with his kittens

  78. video 38: Touching moment between Murkin the dog and a kitten

  79. video 37: How to trim kitten nails with PATIENCE

  80. video 36: Cute ADORABLE kitten tries to steal dog's tongue (as seen on Ellen!!)

  81. video 35: How to trim kitten nails the EASY way...NO RESTRAINT and NO STRESS needed (HD)

  82. Video 34: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! A dog sleeping with his KITTENS

  83. video 33: Murkin the Dog playing gently with a kitten

  84. Murkin the Dog gets BOPPED on the nose by ADORABLE calico kitten

  85. Murkin the Dog lets kittens climb all over him

  86. Murkin the Dog afraid to lay down and squish the kittens.

  87. Cute ADORABLE orange kitten makes air biscuits!

  88. Cat attacks vet student's homework

  89. Kung Foo KITTEH!!

  90. Orange tabby playing with mouse 3

  91. Orange tabby playing with mouse 2

  92. Super cute ADORABLE orange tabby kitten playing with mouse-video 1

  93. Cute calico kitten playing with her favorite toy mouse

  94. Murkin the Dog balances a kitten on his head

  95. Another boring video of Murkin and orange tabby

  96. Murkin sitting with his foster KITTEHs

  97. Orange tabby gives Murkin the Dog a few snuggles