1. Election Highlights: Best Memes, Celeb Nods & Ads

  2. Big Bird, Binders & Bayonets: Best Political Memes

  3. Who the Stars Fall For: Obama or Romney?

  4. Third Presidential Debate - Highlights

  5. Third Presidential Debate - More Post Debate Analysis

  6. Third Presidential Debate - China

  7. Third Presidential Debate - Closing Comments

  8. Third Presidential Debate - Post Debate Analysis

  9. Third Presidential Debate - Iran's Nuclear Program

  10. Third Presidential Debate - Pakistan

  11. Third Presidential Debate - Afghanistan

  12. Third Presidential Debate - Syria

  13. Third Presidential Debate - Iran and Israel

  14. Third Presidential Debate - Defense

  15. Third Presidential Debate - Middle East Policy is Discussed

  16. Third Presidential Debate - What is America's Role in the World?

  17. Third Presidential Debate - The Debate Moves On To Iraq

  18. What Obama Needs To Achieve in Final Debate

  19. Sen. McCain discusses Foreign Policy Differences

  20. Will the Candidates Discuss Economics?

  21. What to Expect From Tonight's Debate

  22. Did Big Bird Build That? What Political Ads Work?

  23. Hollywood's Star Power Boosts Obama Ad Campaigns

  24. Romney Campaign Ad:Find A Way

  25. Obama Campaign Ad:Foreign Policy

  26. Hollywood's Star Power Boosts Obama Ad Campaigns

  27. Pre-Debate Pool Party at Lynn University

  28. Final Presidential Debate Focus on Foreign Policy

  29. How the Debates Have Changed the Campaign

  30. New Political Ads for Women

  31. Obama Draws Laughs at Al Smith Dinner

  32. Romney Regales Crowd at Al Smith Dinner

  33. Candidates Head to Florida Seeking Electoral Votes

  34. Women Take the Spotlight in Campaign

  35. Crowley Interrupts Romney, Social Frenzy Erupts

  36. Historian on How Obama Aced the Comeback

  37. Analysis: Strong Notes and Missteps in the Debate

  38. Assessing Tuesday's Presidential Debate

  39. 2012 Hempstead Presidential Debate Highlights

  40. Candy Crowley Wraps up the Debate

  41. President Obama Closing Comments

  42. Mitt Romney's Closing Comments

  43. Obama Discusses The Libya Attack

  44. Mitt Romney Discusses Jobs

  45. The Candidates Discuss Pensions

  46. Mitt Romney On How He Is Different From George W. Bush

  47. President Obama On His Administration's Policy Changes

  48. Mitt Romney and President Obama Discuss Debate Questioning

  49. The First Debate Question - Unemployment

  50. Obama Aims at Romney's Spending Plan

  51. President Obama Discusses His Tax Plan

  52. Mitt Romney Discusses His Tax Plan

  53. Obama, Romney Fight Over Oil Drilling

  54. Campaigns Ready For Debate Rematch

  55. Sen. Dick Durbin On What To Expect From Obama Tonight

  56. The Second Presidential Debate - Entrance

  57. Gov. Strickland on Why Obama Can Win Ohio

  58. Candy Crowley controls the Debate

  59. Opinion: Is Obama the Underdog?

  60. Obama, Romney Face Off in Second Debate

  61. Obama, Romney Debate in Town-Hall Format Tonight

  62. Romney Pollster on the Week That Changed It All

  63. Vice Presidential Debate - Ryan and Biden Discuss Abortion and Faith

  64. Vice Presidential Debates - Tax Policy Takes Center Stage

  65. Vice Presidential Debate - Biden and Ryan Tackle Medicare and Obamacare

  66. Vice Presidential Debate - Biden & Ryan Brawl Over Economy in V.P. Debate

  67. Watch 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Highlights

  68. Vice Presidential Debate - Biden Attacks Romney's 47% Comment

  69. Vice Presidential Debate - Biden & Ryan Brawl Over Economy in V.P. Debate

  70. Vice Presidential Debate - Biden and Ryan Address Libya, Afghanistan

  71. Biden, Ryan Spar on Libyan Embassy at Debate

  72. Vice Presidential Debate - Opening V.P. Debate on Benghazi Terrorist Attack

  73. VP Presidential Debate - Is Paul Ryan Good for Romney?

  74. Vice Presidential Debate - WSJ Reporters Preview the Biden/Ryan Debate

  75. Opinion: Has Romney Closed the Gap?

  76. Presidential Race Tightening in Florida, Virginia

  77. Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Face Off in Debate Tonight

  78. Top Vice President Debate Moments

  79. RNC Ad Shines Harsh Spotlight on Obama's Debate

  80. Goldman Turns Tables on Obama Campaign

  81. Romney Criticizes Obama's Foreign Policy

  82. Key to Election Victory: A Ground Game

  83. Romney on Foreign Policy: 'Hope is not a Strategy'

  84. Romney Takes on Obama's Foreign Policy in Virginia

  85. VP Debate Will Likely Feature More Fireworks

  86. Is 7.8% Unemployment Legit? - WSJ Opinion

  87. Will Falling Jobless Rate Help Obama?

  88. Full Presidential Debate: Battle Over Economic Policies

  89. How Did the Debate Play With Small Business?

  90. Best Moments of First Obama/Romney Debate

  91. Obama and Romney Argue Over Raising Revenue - Presidential Debate

  92. Obama: Romney Will Turn Medicare Into a Voucher - Presidential Debate

  93. What to Expect From the First Presidential Debate

  94. Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird - Presidential Debate

  95. Obama Attacks Romney's Tax Cuts - Presidential Debate

  96. Mitt Romney Discusses Tax Cuts - Presidential Debate

  97. Obama and Romney on Plans to Create Jobs

  98. Romney Wishes Pres. Obama A Happy Anniversary - Presidential Debate

  99. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Shake Hands Before Debate

  100. Debate Night: Booze, Politics and Bars

  101. Things to Watch For in Tonight's Debates

  102. Vide President Joe Biden: Middle Class 'Buried' for Last 4 Years

  103. Opinion: Mitt's Debate Job

  104. Presidential Debate: No More Hype, Time To Debate

  105. Most People Don't See Debates as Game-Changing

  106. Mitt Romney's Debate Opportunity - WSJ Opinion

  107. Mitt Romney's World View - WSJ Opinion

  108. Barack Obama's Protectionist Politics - WSJ Opinion

  109. Debates Will Play to President's Strengths

  110. Presidential Debates: Why the Little Things Matter

  111. Is Obama Breaking Away from Romney? - WSJ Opinion

  112. With First Debate, Can Romney Win Over the 47%?

  113. Ad Watch: Dems Step Up Attack on Romney 47% Gaffe

  114. Obama Responds to Outrage Over Anti-Muslim Video

  115. Romney Says American Foreign Aid Must Change

  116. Romney: Words From Clinton Can Do 'A Lot of Good'

  117. Romney Talks Foreign Aid, Free Enterprise

  118. Presidential Race Turns to Foreign Policy

  119. Obama Ad: Romney Will Not Reveal Taxes Before 2010

  120. Election 2012: Ann Romney Sharpens Political Tone

  121. Three Reasons This Election Isn't Over Yet

  122. Pressure Mounts on Romney to Quicken Campaign Pace

  123. Romney Releases Tax Details for 2011

  124. Jesse Jackson: "Romney Has Embarrassed Republicans" - Plus Reflections on His Son's Illness

  125. Romney Punctures Campaign With '47%' Comment

  126. Obama Campaign Says Romney's Plan Would Increase the '47%'

  127. Obama Widens Lead Over Romney in WSJ/NBC Poll

  128. Mitt Romney's '47%' Comments Supported by Some Raw Data

  129. PAC Ad Attacks Romney on Video Comments

  130. Romney Comments at Fundraiser Create Controversy

  131. Mitt Romney's Loyalties - WSJ Opinion

  132. Romney Opts for Money States Over Swing States

  133. Romney Video Diverts Attention From Campaign

  134. Obama Ad on the Economic Recovery

  135. Romney Campaign Brushes Aside Libya Criticism

  136. Mitt Romney Issues Statement on Libya Violence

  137. Obama Condemns Attack on U.S. Embassy in Libya

  138. Libyan Embassy Attack - Barack Obama Statement

  139. Libyan Embassy Attack - Hillary Clinton Statement

  140. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Killed in Benghazi

  141. U.S.-Israeli Feud Deepens

  142. The DNC and RNC Convention Fallout - WSJ Opinion

  143. Polls Swinging for Obama - WSJ Opinion

  144. Why Did DNC Get More Tweets Than RNC?

  145. Can Democrats Build Momentum After Charlotte?

  146. DNC 2012 - Barack Obama Accepts Democratic Nomination for Re-Election

  147. DNC 2012 - Barack Obama: Govt. Isn't the Source of All Our Problems

  148. DNC 2012 - Barack Obama Rips Republicans on Budget Plan

  149. DNC Introduces Obama with Highlight Video

  150. DNC 2012 - Pres. Barack Obama Speech - Vision of America

  151. DNC 2012 - Joe Biden Speech - 'We See a Future'

  152. DNC 2012 - Joe Biden Speech - The Enormity of Obama's Heart

  153. Granholm Attacks Mitt Romney's Comment on Detriot

  154. Giffords Leads Pledge of Allegiance at DNC

  155. Crist: Republicans Are Not Up To The Task

  156. Longoria: Obama Understands American Opportunity

  157. Opinion: Obama Déjà Vu

  158. DNC 2012 - Polling for Barack Obama - WSJ Opinion

  159. Marc Anthony Performs the National Anthem at DNC

  160. DNC 2012 - Debbie Wasserman Schultz Addresses Convention

  161. DNC 2012 - Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Addresses DNC

  162. Jim Messina Tells People Get Involved in Campaign

  163. DNC 2012 - Beau Biden Says Obama, Biden Were There For Us

  164. DNC 2012 - Scarlett Johansson: Young People Commit To Vote

  165. Obama Campaign Releases Video of Accomplishments

  166. Election 2012: #DNC2012 Sets Tweet Records

  167. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton Attacks Republican Platform in Speech

  168. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton's DNC Speech One-Liners

  169. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton Sets Stage for Obama Tonight

  170. DNC 2012 - Elizabeth Warren Speech Full - "The System Is Rigged"

  171. Did Bill Clinton Help Democrats Close the Deal?

  172. DNC Day 2 in Under 3 Mins - Highlights - Warren, Clinton Pave Way for Obama

  173. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton Speech - Romney Plan's Numbers Don't Add Up

  174. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton's DNC Speech Analyzed

  175. DNC 2012 - Catholic Nun Blasts Romney's Budget Plan at DNC

  176. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton Calls Out Paul Ryan on His Medicare Claims

  177. DNC 2012 - Bill Clinton Speech - We're Going to Keep Obama on the Job

  178. DNC 2012 - Sandra Fluke Address the DNC

  179. President Bill Clinton Addresses the DNC

  180. Pelosi Talks Medicare, Social Security, Equality

  181. DNC 2012 - The Bill Clinton Comeback - WSJ Opinion

  182. DNC 2012 - The Things Barack Obama Promised - WSJ Live

  183. Platform Amendments Stir Tension at DNC

  184. DNC 2012 - Arne Duncan: Obama Sees Education as an Investment

  185. DNC 2012 - Voting Activist Tatyana Ali on Energizing Youth

  186. DNC 2012 - Democrats Gear Up for Night with Clinton, Warren

  187. DNC 2012 - Can Bill Clinton Help Democrats Close the Deal?

  188. DNC 2012 - Facebook Users React to DNC

  189. Obama Moves Convention Speech Indoors

  190. DNC 2012 - Lilly Ledbetter: With Obama on Our Side, We Win

  191. Rahm Emanuel: Election Will Set Agenda for Decades

  192. DNC 2012: Democrats Push to Rebut GOP

  193. DNC 2012: Joe Biden to Show Close Partnership With Obama

  194. Michelle Obama: Door of Opportunity

  195. DNC 2012 - Julian Castro Speech: Mitt Says Borrow From Your Parents

  196. Joaquin Castro Introduces His Twin Brother at DNC

  197. Actor Kal Penn Urges Youth to Vote at DNC 2012

  198. Ted Strickland: 'If Mitt Romney was Santa Claus... he would outsource elves. '

  199. Kennedy Tribute at the DNC

  200. Granholm Previews Second Presidential Debate