1. California's Chief Justice Remarks on the SEC and its Report

  2. Mono County Court Superior Court Visit by Justice Ashmann-Gerst

  3. Reengineering in the Judicial Branch

  4. Strategic Evaluation Committee Report Due in April

  5. Improving council communications with trial courts and AOC.

  6. Judicial Council Opposes Assembly Bill 1208

  7. The Judicial Council Plans for the Coming Year, 12/12/11

  8. Judicial Council Meeting Highlights Oct 2011

  9. Judicial Council Special Budget Meeting (9/9/2011)

  10. Judicial Council Meeting: Expanded Public Comment Period and Votes on Funding and Fees.

  11. California Funds Civil Matter Representation Pilot

  12. Judicial Council Promotes Access to Meetings

  13. California Wrestles with Cuts to the Judicial Branch, 7/22/11

  14. Judicial Branch News Update

  15. Judicial Council Gets Review of Court Case Technology Project

  16. Council Sets 2011 Legislative Priorities

  17. Impartiality in the California Courts

  18. Adoption and Permanency and CA Courts

  19. Elkins Family Law Task Force

  20. Judicial Council Business Meetings To Become More Open, Accessible

  21. Budget Remains a Priority at January's Council Meeting, 1/24/12

  22. Judicial Council Special Session on CCMS

  23. More California Courthouse Construction Projects Delayed