1. Turkey to act against Syrian missiles

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  33. French forces prepare to leave Afghanistan

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  36. Paralysed dog study offers hope for humans

  37. Palestinian family killed in Gaza conflict buried

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  41. Death toll in Gaza hits 100; Israel targets media building

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  43. Israel defends air strikes that hit media building

  44. Media building in Gaza hit for the second time

  45. Canada brings tougher anti-cannabis laws

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  59. Pakistani markets rebuild after the flood

  60. US President Obama visits Thailand

  61. Malaria makes a comeback in southern Greece

  62. Conflict places stress 'specifically on children' of Gaza

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  65. Innovative idea powers South African shanty towns

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  79. US President Obama to make historic Myanmar trip

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  81. Israeli air strikes level Hamas HQ

  82. Hindu nationalist leader Bal Thackeray dies

  83. Tragedy reopens Ireland abortion debate

  84. The Arab League 'belongs to a different era'

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  86. Lebanon struggles with refugee spill

  87. Bellamy_EDITED

  88. Scores of children die in Egypt school bus crash

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