1. Preliminary hearing in Aurora movie theater shooting

  2. Sandy victims: Initial aid money is a "drop in the bucket"

  3. Will the new Congress be more productive than the last?

  4. American Eagle pilot arrested, accused of being drunk

  5. New Congress approves some aid to Sandy victims

  6. On the Road: 9-year-old applies to be museum curator

  7. CDC warns of flu season with high rate of attack

  8. Economic growth stuck in a rut

  9. Newtown mom shifts stance on gun control

  10. Pilot pulled off plane, arrested for drinking

  11. Publishing of gun owner map sparks battle

  12. New companies adding to job growth in Calif.

  13. Pastor uses crosses to represent U.S. abortion numbers

  14. New Year's resolution diet for kids

  15. Schumer: No debt ceiling negotiation, period

  16. George Lucas: "Star Wars" creator engaged to Mellody Hobson

  17. Schumer praises passage of Sandy relief bill

  18. Sisters with cancer blame mom's meds

  19. Watch: China's ice city

  20. Congress tallies, announces 2012 Electoral College results

  21. House passes Sandy relief bill

  22. Giant rubber duck in Sydney Harbor

  23. Unemployment rate remains flat

  24. Helen Mirren gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star

  25. Sen. Mike Crapo speaks after pleading guilty to DUI

  26. "48 Hours" preview: Shattered dreams

  27. Pro bull riders event marks 20th year at NYC event

  28. Behind the scenes at "Downton Abbey"

  29. Note to Self: Artist Chuck Close paves his own path

  30. "Uncle" Joe Biden greets families of new Congress

  31. Photo of teenage Princess Diana released

  32. West Virginians react to MTV's "Buckwild"

  33. Role of online evidence in Ohio teen rape case

  34. Preview: Design Thinking

  35. 60 Minutes Preview: David Kelly

  36. Clinton returning to work next week

  37. Outrage in Ohio over alleged high school rape

  38. Call for criminal investigation of Shell oil rig

  39. Headlines: Pakistani teen shot by Taliban released from hospital

  40. Schieffer: Congress will just "press rewind"

  41. December jobs report to show where economy is heading

  42. Dancing at the airport - like nobody's watching

  43. New Congress arrives in D.C. but will anything change?

  44. Geithner to leave Treasury Secretary post

  45. Robot arm creates paintings inspired by sleep

  46. Newtown school survivors head back to school

  47. Calif. gun sales surging

  48. Afghan entrepreneur fears withdrawal of U.S. troops

  49. Record number of women in Senate

  50. Doctor overcomes demons of Iraq war

  51. Columbine survivor on going back to school

  52. Mark Kirk returns to Senate after stroke recovery

  53. Springsteen receives "Person of the Year" tribute

  54. One lucky goose

  55. Youth academy nurture top soccer stars

  56. Best of Biden: "You're gonna be frisked" & more from swearing-in

  57. Newtown students complete first day back to school

  58. Preview: Barca

  59. Newly reelected Speaker Boehner addresses House

  60. Preview: The Paper

  61. McConnell: "No need for drama" moving forward on fiscal debate

  62. Craigslist sperm donor sued for child support

  63. Hollywood's "Magic Castle" turns 50

  64. Biden swears in 113th Senate

  65. Boehner administers oath to House members

  66. Boehner again sworn in as House speaker

  67. Pelosi introduces newly reelected Speaker Boehner

  68. Indian prosecutors to push for death penalty in gang rape case

  69. S.F. man mugs woman, throws her dog into traffic

  70. Sen. Mark Kirk makes emotional return to Capitol Hill

  71. Site of Aurora, Colo. shooting set to reopen

  72. Credit rating agencies urge Congress to shrink federal deficit

  73. Teen drugs parents with milkshake to get online

  74. Veterans struggle with intimacy on return home

  75. Democratic women in the 113th House

  76. How to keep financial resolutions

  77. Willpower: How to exert your self-control and find success

  78. Jessica Chastain on "Zero Dark Thirty"

  79. Chris Pratt: From hit sitcom to "Zero Dark Thirty"

  80. Starbucks selling $1 reusable cup

  81. "Field of Dreams" site sold

  82. Nature nurtures creativity says study

  83. Repairing the Republican party

  84. Plane catches fire after skidding off Las Vegas runway

  85. Poll: Couples bicker most over TV programs

  86. Former Congressional candidate slashes opponent's tires

  87. Clinton out of hospital, full recovery expected

  88. Newtown massacre survivors return to school

  89. Spike in background checks to buy assault rifles

  90. Ill. Senator returns to work after stroke rehab

  91. Gov. Christie rips GOP House leaders on Sandy aid

  92. North Korea's First Lady steps out

  93. Gibbs: Nobody is going to miss previous Congress

  94. Headlines: Al Jazeera acquires Current TV

  95. Obama back in Hawaii, signs "fiscal cliff" legislation

  96. Outgoing 112th Congress least productive in 65 years

  97. Sandy Relief Bill

  98. 3 teens killed in Ala. joyride plane crash

  99. Calif. teen finds and returns $800 in cash