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  1. In Rajamma's Lifetime

  2. Where Would You Go?

  3. Water Changes Lives

  4. Matt Damon's Promise to Haiti

  5. Water in Adina Faso, Ethiopia

  6. New Well in Haiti: Celebration

  7. Interview with a Water Truck Driver in Nagpur, India

  8. Kinslahafti's Story of Joy

  9. One Mother's Story: Vandana

  10. Birhane's Story

  11. Jeanne Jacque Has Water!

  12. Atseda's Story of Hope

  13. Water Collection in Ethiopia

  14. Jodie Foster: For Women, It's Personal

  15. One Mother's Story: Ranjana

  16. Women of Strength in Ethiopia

  17. Halequa's New Job

  18. One Mother's Story: Kasan Bai

  19. River Water Harvesting in Ethiopia

  20. One Daughter's Story: Kebebush

  21. Introduction to WaterCredit in India

  22. Water Project: Ethiopia

  23. Students of the World - Bangladesh 2009

  24. Village Life Is Changing In India

  25. Celebrating Water All Over The World

  26. Life Is Changing In The Slums of India

  27. One Child Every Twenty Seconds

  28. Students of the World Visit India

  29. Water Access in Ethiopia - Photo Essay

  30. A New Pump, A Newly Healthy Community

  31. Edme's Long Walk for Water

  32. Constructing a Better Future in Haiti

  33. What Can 3,000 Indian Rupees Do?

  34. A Town Called Bèlanje - Part One

  35. Kites, Games, and Bubbles!