1. Man's tattoo threatens cop

  2. Daniel Day Lewis congratulates "Obama chair"

  3. Deer crashes into yogurt shop window

  4. Iraq veteran writes note to younger self

  5. George P. Bush files papers to run for office in Texas

  6. Giffords attends Loughner sentencing

  7. Obama tears up while thanking staffers

  8. Navy SEALs disciplined for work on video game

  9. Mitt Romney: What went wrong

  10. Battered Northeast losing its patience

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  12. President to talk about gov't fiscal crisis

  13. Headlines: Study says energy drinks can make you more tired

  14. Obama Wins US Election

  15. Malala Yousufzai making progress, reads get well cards

  16. "Twilight" fans camp out for "Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2"

  17. Massive diamond expected to fetch up to $25M at auction

  18. 21-year-old poses as high school student athlete

  19. Indiana state senator calls for Marijuana decriminalization

  20. Watch: Dog with no eyes plays fetch

  21. Killer whale gets laser treatments at SeaWorld

  22. The ultimate survival truck

  23. Giraffe driven through the streets of Sydney

  24. Ole Miss Election Night protests spark peace walk

  25. Meatball the Bear online auction shut down

  26. Greece's latest budget cuts met with violent protests

  27. Watch: Murder suspect steals, crashes plane

  28. Syrian president says he will not leave country

  29. Fiscal cliff worries Wall Street

  30. Motorcycle gang pulls off daring heist in mall

  31. James Brown: Colts look good for playoffs

  32. Nor'easter hits one week after Sandy

  33. Colts show support for coach -- on and off the field

  34. Boehner says new taxes OK if spending reduced

  35. China to choose new government

  36. Young girl a football star in the making

  37. Nor'easter turns U.S. travel upside-down

  38. Nor'easter: The latest update

  39. Headlines: Giffords to attend Loughner sentencing

  40. Still no call in Fla. for Election 2012

  41. Ang Lee promotes "Life of Pi" in Taiwan

  42. Scientists working to create new eggs from ovarian cells

  43. Gaza police catch runaway crocodile

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  45. Backstage at 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

  46. Behind Obama's record-breaking tweet

  47. Nor'easter brings snow accumulation to Conn.

  48. N.Y. beach residents face another storm

  49. Birth of lion cubs boosts Uganda conservation initiative

  50. Colorado's Amendment 64 legalizes recreational marijuana use

  51. Wa. legalizes recreational use of marijuana

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  54. Colorado: Closely-watched western state goes blue

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  60. What to expect from Obama's second term

  61. Obama: "We will continue our journey forward"

  62. Romney: "I pray that the president will be successful"

  63. Some Sandy victims flee nor'easter

  64. Fla. still undecided with Obama in the lead

  65. Ohio decides 2012 presidential race

  66. N.Y. and N.J. dreading arrival of nor'easter

  67. Exit polls: What do they tell us?

  68. Obama: "I have seen the spirit of work in America"

  69. Obama: "I've never been more hopeful about our future"

  70. Women, Hispanics, African-Americans supported Obama

  71. Obama: "Common bond" where we must begin

  72. Obama thanks Americans for making him a better President

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  74. Colorado governor on marijuana legalization

  75. Former GOP pollster on where Romney failed, future of the party

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  77. CBS News projects Obama wins re-election

  78. Wisconsin: "Bitterly polarized state" projected to go Obama

  79. CBS News projects McCaskill, Donnelly win Senate seats

  80. CBS News projects: Elizabeth Warren wins Mass. Senate race

  81. CBS News projects Obama to win N.H., Wisc.

  82. CBS News projection: Obama to win Pennsylvania

  83. CBS News projects GOP will keep control of House

  84. CBS News projection: Chris Murphy to win Conn. Senate seat

  85. Ed Gillespie: "We feel really good about Ohio"

  86. Va. suspends election results until all votes cast

  87. Superstorm Sandy's impact on the election

  88. Showdown over the U.S. Senate

  89. First wave of exit polls shows divided country

  90. Mitt Romney wins West Virginia

  91. Provisional ballots could pose problem in Ohio

  92. Halo 4 U.K. launch

  93. Cops use pepper spray on Occupy Portland protesters

  94. Obama, Japan hoping for 4 more years

  95. South Africa immortalizes Mandela on banknote

  96. Voting confusion in Chicago

  97. Beaver dam bursts, causes flooding in small town

  98. Stocks open higher before U.S. election results

  99. Clinton hits Romney for "not true" Jeep ad