1. Our Very Own, Land Dwelling Sea Monster!!!

  2. Pervert Licks Faces!!!

  3. We Died And Went To Heaven!!!

  4. No Peeing In The River!!!

  5. Our Mutant Creatures, Coming Soon!!!

  6. Beaten By A Girl!!!

  7. I Don't Want His Wiener On My Face!!!

  8. Girl Farts!!!

  9. Bear Attack!!!

  10. Dangerous Cliffs And Deadly Scorpions!!!

  11. Lets Go Zip Lining!!!

  12. Abandoned, And Left For Dead!!!

  13. Puppy Thinks He Can Fly, And Fails!!!

  14. Top Secret Super Awesome Spy Fumigation!!!

  15. Erupting Volcanoes And Secret Bridges!!!

  16. Kitten Cuteness Overload!!!

  17. Chased By An Evil, Spider, Bug Thing!!!

  18. First Animal Clinic Had Baby Deer!!!

  19. His Penis Is Showing!!!

  20. Dog Mauls Small Child!!!

  21. Hot Girlfriend Finally Comes Home!!!

  22. The Free Gift That Keeps Giving, A Child!!!

  23. Hot Girl On The Beach!!!

  24. Vicious Guard Dog!!!

  25. You Will Get Eaten By A Bear!!!

  26. Worlds Largest Lap Dog!!!

  27. A Long Hard Day Of Packing!!!

  28. Suicidal Skeletons!!!

  29. Helping A Sloth Cross The Road!!!

  30. Never Ending Poops!

  31. Mother Tries To Break Her Sons Leg!!!

  32. We Can Travel Through Time!!!

  33. Costa Rican Puppies!!!

  34. Lets Dig For Dinosaurs At The Mall!!!

  35. How To Give A Chinchilla A Bath!!!

  36. Poop, A New Car, And Costa Rica!!!

  37. Getting Naked For Tattoos!!!

  38. Leave My Butt Hole Alone!!!

  39. Dog Fight!!!

  40. Bad Condoms, Bad!!!

  41. Hot Maid Cleans Whole House!!!

  42. Sushi Is Gross!!!

  43. Boogie Wipes And Butt Paste!!!

  44. Cirque Du Soleil, Kooza!!!

  45. Sweaty Girl, Sweaty Boy!!!

  46. We Drank Blood!!!

  47. No Self Control!!!

  48. Stop Making Out With Me!!!

  49. Die Candle, Die!!!

  50. Tickle, Tickle!!!

  51. Epic Kitty Play!!!

  52. We Travel Through Time!!!

  53. Silent Hill Is Real!!!

  54. Vampires Keep Us Awake At Night!!!

  55. Pretty Toes!!!

  56. We Drink Blood!!!

  57. Angry Bloody Mess!!!

  58. Hula Hooping In A Bikini!!!

  59. Underarm Tattoos Are No Fun!!!

  60. My Very Own Special Unicorn!!!

  61. Hot Girl Kickboxing!!!

  62. I'll Eat Your Toe!!! (comic-con)

  63. Gross Puppy Puke!!!

  64. Obsession!!!

  65. Girls With Guns!!!

  66. Mystery Animal And Snakes!!!

  67. Headless Carcasses And Bloody Bandaids!!!

  68. Brave Girl Chases Dangerous Snakes!!!

  69. Naked And Dirty!!!

  70. Best Workout Ever!!!

  71. Poor Bloody Baby Toe Got Mashed!!!

  72. Crazy Wildfires!!!

  73. Getting Tattoos Makes Me Smile!!!

  74. I Smell Pretty!!!

  75. Tickle Torture!!!

  76. Indian Food Looks Like Dog Food And Body Parts!!!

  77. Her Birchbox Of Awesome!!!

  78. Mini Tucson Road Trip!!!

  79. Roll Over Puppy!!!

  80. Homemade Lasagna!!!

  81. Its Belle From Beauty And The Beast!!!

  82. Coloring Feet Tattoos Makes Them Pretty!!!

  83. Creepy Red Room Of Death!!!

  84. Exploring A Classic Car Junkyard!!!

  85. How To Annoy Your Girlfriend!!!

  86. Punched In The Face!!!

  87. Its Raining Tattoos!!!

  88. Vampire Hickeys!!!

  89. I Got Glass In My Foot!!!

  90. Birchbox For Him!!!

  91. The Wedding!!!

  92. Stupid Tutor!!!

  93. Exploding Lightbulbs!!!

  94. Guess What, Guess What!?!

  95. Disgusting Grossness!!!

  96. We're Gonna Have To Amputate!!!

  97. Made From Scratch!!!

  98. Hot Girl In Pretty Dress!!!

  99. Going Out Of Business!!!