1. Psoriasis -- Beyond the Skin

  2. Driving with Dementia

  3. Smoking -- More Than a Bad Habit

  4. MRSA: A Most Unwelcome Guest

  5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  6. The Girl Scouts Visit Pfizer Headquarters

  7. Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D. and Family Guy's Alex Borstein Discuss Hemophilia

  8. What's Stealing Your Sleep?

  9. Sarcoidosis -- a Mystery Disease?

  10. Fibromyalgia -- an Invisible Illness?

  11. The Power of an Hour

  12. Cyberchondria

  13. The Risks of Not Vaccinating

  14. Freda Lewis-Hall and TLC's "T-Boz" Discuss Sickle Cell Disease on The Doctors

  15. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter And Pfizer Celebrate 15-Year Effort To Help End Blinding Trachoma

  16. Multiple Sclerosis

  17. Foot Health and Diabetes

  18. Seizures

  19. Freda Lewis-Hall, MD, Gives Keynote Address at World Orphan Drug Congress USA

  20. Hypertensive Crisis

  21. Amy Schulman Delivers Keynote at USNC-UN Women Conference for Young Professionals

  22. Tips for Cleaning Out Your Medicine Cabinet

  23. 50 Moving Forward

  24. Fight or Flight: Why Your Body Physically Reacts to Stress

  25. Freda Lewis-Hall, MD, Gives 2013 Commencement Address at Keck Graduate Institute

  26. Keep an Eye on Your Blood Pressure

  27. Chronic Stress Can Damage Your Health

  28. Owning Collaboration -- Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

  29. Owning Impact -- Pfizer Global Health Fellows Strengthening Health Care Worldwide

  30. Transient Ischemic Attack

  31. Owning Trust -- Protecting Patients Through the Entire Life Cycle of Medicines

  32. Owning Well-Being -- Promoting Healthy Aging with GET OLD

  33. Know Your Stroke Risk Factors

  34. Atrial Fibrillation May Lead to Serious Health Issues

  35. Optimize Your Migraine Treatment Plan

  36. Arthritis: More than Achy Joints

  37. Patient Navigators: Help in Charting the Waters of Serious Illness

  38. Migraine: Not Just Another Headache

  39. Depression: You're Not Alone

  40. Adult Vaccinations: Protect Your Family

  41. Women Who Smoke Should Make Quitting a Priority

  42. Reboot Your Body

  43. Preventive Care and Healthy Aging: A Global Perspective

  44. Preventive care for the aging

  45. Preventive care for healthy living

  46. Adult Immunization: Benefits/Challenges

  47. "DO IT with Attitude" When Facing a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

  48. Get Old - Growing Up

  49. Get Old - I'm Older Than You

  50. Do You Read Your Medication's Package Insert?

  51. To Fight Pain, First Find the Right Words

  52. Facing 50 and Menopause: The Tests You Need to Take After the Transition

  53. Urinary Incontinence: Steps You Can Take

  54. Diagnosis of Alzheimer's and What You Need to Know as a Caregiver

  55. Pfizer Addresses Company's Voluntary Recall of Contraceptive Products

  56. Cancer: What You Need to Know

  57. How Smoking Affects Your Health

  58. Stroke Signs

  59. Is a clinical trial an option for you? A talk with Pfizer's Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D.

  60. Pfizer Investments in Health

  61. Facing 50 and Menopause: The Tests You Need to Take After the Transition

  62. Healthier Aging -- Inside and Out

  63. Why Pfizer for Medical Information?

  64. Migraine: Keep a Migraine Diary

  65. Keep an Eye on Your Blood Pressure

  66. Being Muhammad Ali's Daughter: Lessons Learned