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  1. Scene/Emo Makeup :)


  3. How to do basic Scene makeup

  4. how I do my fringe/bangs.

  5. Sexy Emo Makeup Tutorial.

  6. How To: Scene Pony Tail hair + Make up.

  7. How To:cut t-shirts slanted

  8. 8 Ways to Cut Up T-Shirt Sleeves & Off the Shoulder - Salinabear x Purple SFU BAM

  9. Cutting My Hair.

  10. [Private Video]

  11. Making Your Bangs Stay To The Side Without Using Bobby Pins

  12. How to put a bandana into your hair.

  13. How to do "scene/emo" hair with bandana {REQUESTED}

  14. How to deep condition your hair.

  15. Dramatic Smokey Eye Turtorial

  16. Makeup Tutorial For My Vlogs (for unskilled people)

  17. how to make a kandi pacman ghost cuff

  18. How to make a kandi RAINBOW CUFF pt. 1

  19. how to make a kandi pacman ghost cuff

  20. Black eye makeup (emo/scene eyeliner)


  22. HOW TO: Scene Eye Make-up tutorial

  23. How i do my hair (quick)

  24. [Private Video]

  25. How to pierce your own navel/belly button at home

  26. [Deleted Video]

  27. DIY| How to Make a Dress from a T-shirt (3 Styles + NO CUTTING OR SEWING!)

  28. DIY TUTORIAL: cool tank out of t-shirts

  29. Tutorial: Tie Dye Nails (Water Marbling)

  30. How to naturally remove permanent hair color.

  31. how to: casual emo/pretty makeup