1. If facebook is better than sex, there is something wrong with your sex life

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  9. Computer speed multiplies by 273,930 from 1993 to 2012

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  52. 10 cocks for Hillary

  53. Use me like the tool that I am

  54. Anonymous is something you do, not something that is

  55. "The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie"

  56. We salute you, Dr Paul!

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  58. Americans lose 40% of wealth, in three years, thanks to fed

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  65. Double arm transplant puts Mexico at cutting edge of medical technology

  66. Massacre in Houla, Syria was a false flag

  67. Elected Bureaucrat , Anthony Sanchez, beats stepson for dropping ball

  68. Indiana legalizes shooting cops

  69. Google to AVTM: you have state-sponsored attackers

  70. Federal Reserve Police Confronted "Step Back On Public Property" AVTM + Mark Dice + WRC!

  71. Koran burning Pastor Terry Jones shut down by 3 anti-Assad pro Syria protestors

  72. Koran burning Pastor Terry Jones prays for America at the White House

  73. David supports Pastor Terry Jones, opposes Sharia law


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