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    Ask A Libertarian is Back

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    Has there ever been a truly libertarian government?

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    What's the difference between socially liberal conservatives and real libertarians?

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    Is it possible for a libertarian to support things like a safety net?

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    Drone strikes in Yemen -- yay or nay?

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    What is the libertarian solution to crony capitalism?

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    Did Rand Paul compromise his principles by endorsing Mitt Romney?

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    How would school choice work with special needs kids?

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    Is there a growing income gap? If so, is it a problem?

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    How can I talk politics with my earnest lefty friends without them screaming at me?

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    Why would any sensible Libertarian support abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban?

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    What happened to the "libertarian moment"?

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    Do we have more to fear from an unrestrained majority or narrow special interests?

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    What happens those too young to count on social security and too old to start saving?

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    What role do you see for the Libertarian Party?

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    How should I respond to liberals and conservatives who say I'll "grow out of" libertarianism?

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    Why is there an overlap between atheists and libertarians?

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    With Ron Paul retiring, who will pick up the mantle of the libertarian movement?

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    How do you plan on uniting various libertarians?

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    Was it wrong for a libertarian to take taxpayer-funded housing credits?

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    What about Sweden, which seems like a great place to live?

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    Ask a Libertarian Lightning Round!: Death Penalty, Space Travel, & Grover Cleveland

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    What do libertarians think about gay marriage?

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    What about roads?

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    Where are the Black Libertarians?

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    Is a vote for Gary Johnson just a vote for Obama?

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    How can libertarians effect political change?

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    What is the libertarian plan for fixing the debt and deficit problem?

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    Ask a Libertarian Lightning Round: Libertarianism in Pop Culture & Pop Culture in Politics

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    How do we argue with our earnest righty friends without them screaming at us?

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    Ask a Libertarian Lightning Round: Recalls, Libertarian Paternalism, & Tea Party v. Libertarians

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    What did we learn today?