1. Mi Shebeirach, Valerie Holt

  2. Mi Shebeirach by Debbie Friedman, Congregation Sha'are Shalom, Valerie Holt

  3. Audition Sequence (From "The Last Five Years")

  4. "All I Ask of You": Zadoc-Lee Kekuewa, Valerie Holt

  5. Valerie Holt: "Back to Before" from "Ragtime"

  6. Torah chanted in Hebrew and English

  7. Adelaide and Sarah Duet

  8. Valerie Holt: If I Were a Bell from Guys & Dolls

  9. Mary the Man Today from Guys and Dolls: Leslie Ann Kekuewa and Valerie Holt

  10. I've Never Been in Love Before -- Guys and Dolls: Valerie Holt and Zadoc-Lee Kekuewa

  11. The Inkin' Memorial Offers His Opinions

  12. Valerie Holt: Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod

  13. Daffodils

  14. "Hallelujah, Amen" from Handel's "Judah Maccabaeus" -- Maryland Choral Society

  15. Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier, from Bach's Christmas Oratorio -- Maryland Choral Society

  16. "Sing Unto God" from Handel's "Judas Maccabaeus": Maryland Choral Society

  17. A New World, from Songs for a New World

  18. Valerie Holt: "Some People" from "Gypsy"

  19. Valerie Holt: 'La Vie en Rose'; 'Bill' from 'Show Boat'

  20. Hello, You Losers

  21. "Printability" -- Dion and Jen Black

  22. "Failing to Ink Again"

  23. "Everything's Coming Up Inkblots"

  24. MVI 1903

  25. Kol Haneshamah: URJ Biennial Choir, 2011

  26. "And You Shall Love/ V'ahavta" -- URJ Biennial Choir rehearsal, Dec. 14, 2011

  27. URJ Biennial Choir rehearses "Ma Tovu," 12/14/2011

  28. "Rosie the Riveter": Tantallon Community Players

  29. Valerie Holt: "Something to Remember You By"

  30. Piscataway Hills Oktoberfest 2011

  31. My 'backyard,' November 2011

  32. Valerie Holt: "Far From the Home I Love" from "Fiddler on the Roof"

  33. Valerie Holt: "Broadway Baby" from "Follies"

  34. Anthem of the USA ... Network

  35. Anthem for July Fourth ("Star-Spangled Banner" parody)

  36. Valerie Holt sings "For Good" from "Wicked"

  37. Come Rain or Come Shine -- Valerie Holt

  38. "Back in the Frying Pan" from "The Spitfire Grill" -- Valerie Holt

  39. "The Colors of Paradise" -- Spitfire Grill -- Valerie Holt, Roberta Chaves

  40. Maoz Tzur

  41. Akedah chanted in English

  42. Reader's Kaddish (Chatzi Kaddish)

  43. Spitfire Grill rehearsal: Ring Around the Moon

  44. Akedah chant

  45. Digging Stone -- Spitfire Grill rehearsal

  46. Avinu Malkeinu

  47. Valerie Holt: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

  48. Valerie Holt sings "I Know the Truth" from "Aida"

  49. Valerie Holt sings "Bill" from "Show Boat"

  50. Valerie Holt and Mae Scanlan: It's De-Lovely

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  52. Pop-Pop and Valerie sing "The Star-Spangled Banner"

  53. Valerie Holt: I'm Making Believe

  54. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

  55. Valerie Holt: "Where Are the Simple Joys of Maidenhood"

  56. The Miller's Son, sung by Valerie Holt

  57. Losing My Mind, sung by Valerie Holt

  58. "Mr. Snow" -- Carousel -- sung by Valerie Holt

  59. James Simmons Eagle Scout Project

  60. "A Step Too Far" from "Aida' -- Tantallon Community Players

  61. Every Story Is a Love Story -- From "Aida," Tantallon Community Players

  62. Valerie Holt: Shenandoah; I Know Where I'm Going; Today

  63. The Storm Is Passing Over

  64. Hamalach Hagoel

  65. Valerie Holt: You Are My Home

  66. Valerie Holt: Some People

  67. Valerie Holt: La Vie en Rose

  68. Valerie Holt: "I'm the Greatest Star"

  69. Valerie Holt: Come Rain or Come Shine