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OJ Simpsons Last Days of Freedom

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Uploaded on May 14, 2009

OJ Finally Got Squeezed
By Bill Rhetts, CCDI

Las Vegas, NV (HC News)
Friday Oct 3rd, 2008

Copyright © 2006-2009 by HI-CALIBER Investigations. All rights reserved. This article cannot be reproduced in whole or in part in any form or format without express written permission from HI-CALIBER Investigations. However, you may share the link to this article or Blog.

Our Brief Video/Virtual Tour of the Last Days of OJ's Freedom below. However we did not conduct his investigation.

Last year in a Las Vegas Hotel O.J. Simpson and his accomplices barged into a motel room to conduct a sting operation in hopes to recover his own sports memorabilia. As my previous post stated, had OJ hired an independent State licensed private investigator to do the investigation, and a legal recovery; he'd still be a free man today. By OJ just aint that smart.

What a shame that so many Americans have referred to OJ a as hero; his accomplishments have been simply passing or bouncing a ball around. What a non contributor to society he has since become, as he chases a ball swinging his golf club, as one said trying to hit a little white ball into a hole in the dirt.

We must redefine what a hero truly is!!!

Back in 1995 when OJ was accused of assassinating Nicole Brown Simpson (audio here) and Ronald Goldman, I confess when the not guilty verdicts were read (audio here,) I sobbed and then I sobbed more. But then again, I was still a biased LAPD Cop. I, as well as most, became very critical of those jurors.

Although since then, after working well over 500 criminal defense cases. After legal and judicial growth, I now have a great respect for those jurors verdicts.

I have since seen a side of the justice system that I wasnt privileged to as a cop. Just too many innocent men have been accused.

Although I have no doubt that OJ was guilty of those murders. But when one of the key LAPD detectives that collected evidence at the crime scene, later lies on the stand in court; Folks that is more than just reasonable doubt. You must acquit. And it wasnt because the glove didnt fit.

Then another lead LAPD detective did the most insidious thing one could ever imagine. After OJs blood was later drawn. That same detective placed OJs vial of blood in his own pocket, and went right back to the crime scene; where OJs blood was found. You must acquit.

Do I believe that detective planted OJs blood all over the crime scene? Absolutely not! But that is again more than reasonable doubt, so you must acquit.

Folks that not my opinion. That's the law as we uphold the United States Constitution. Thats the truth.

I have much information/intelligence to share on the original OJ trail, that is not public nor media knowledge. But the media would spin the facts, so I will remain silent. So lets move on.

The 1995 jury trial of OJ Simpson left behind devastation, division and destruction. It caused many of those that were involved - divorces, career changes and even many premature deaths. Not because of OJ. But because they got way too emotionally attached to their work.

Then Cities, Counties, Countries, Communities and Cops fell apart because of OJs not guilty verdicts. Since then, I now error of the side of caution, appreciating the Blackstonian view. That it is better to let ten guilty escape, than allow one innocent to suffer! (Subsequently the above Meritorious Service Award went to Attorney Johnny Cochran, not O.J.)

Bottom line is in the end, God will sort it out. He always gets them later. So for anyone person to get all frustrated over a not guilty verdict, which you dont agree with; relax in the end, God works it out. It may be 13 years later. Or it may be after their death. But God always works it out.

I truly believe that with God nothing is coincidental. Did you know that todays guilty verdict of O.J. Simpson was the exact calendar date of the 13th anniversary of OJ being found not guilty back in 1995?

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. Galatians 6:7.

Therefore I do support OJs most current jury verdict of guilty on all counts. Having said all that, I'm still darn proud to defend the accused.
News Flash 12-05-08:
Today the Judge proceeding over the Nevadas criminal case entitled People vs. OJ Simpson handed down his sentence. It was embarrassing to see a grown man still sobbing over his boy toys. For more on OJ's sentence click here.

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