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  1. Bomani Jones Talking About The REAL Donald Sterling Problem

  2. 50 Years After The Civil Rights Act Wall Street is Still ALL WHITE

  3. Al Sharpton knocked on his ass by Roy Innis


  5. A New "The Tea Party" Anthem (I Want My Country Back)

  6. Luxembourg Solo - Kimbangu Solo Particion Techno Malewa V.2

  7. Kobe Bryant At Center Of 'Black Conservative' Firestorm

  8. 'Affluenza' Teen Drunk Driver Sued By Victims

  9. To Racist Judge Jean Boyd: "Are Some People(Ethan Couch) Too Rich To Jail?"

  10. Too Rich To Jail: Drunk Ethan Couch Kills 4, Successfully Pleads 'Affluenza'

  11. Better To Be White (And Rich) If You Kill Four People? | Affluenza Update

  12. Obama Selfie At Mandela Memorial Annoys First Lady

  13. How Privilege & Structural Racism Continues To Cause & Maintain American Inequality

  14. 10 Racial Justice Victories for 2013

  15. Raw: Divers Find Man Alive in Sunken Tugboat

  16. Drones To Deliver Amazon Packages (Sooner Or Later)

  17. Sydney Leathers Auctioning Her What?!

  18. Dating And Race - Color Still Matters

  19. Driving While Black: New Mexico State Police's Shocking Use of Force in Traffic Stop

  20. Don't Mix Coke With A Vote To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

  21. Rob Ford Stuns Crowd With Oral Sex Comments

  22. Roland Martin Calls Out Republican Uncle Toms

  23. Gay Student's Art Project Features Loss Of 'Anal Virginity'

  24. Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime - Episode #297

  25. Shut-Down Teabaggers Call For Obama Surrender 'With-His-Hands-Up!'

  26. America's 'One Percenter PORN' = Forbes 400 List of The Filthy Rich

  27. Kipchoge Keino Wins 1,500m Gold By Historic Margin - Mexico 1968 Olympics

  28. Ted Nugent Is The NRA (NSFW)

  29. [Private Video]

  30. [Private Video]

  31. Fraser-Pryce claims 200m, Felix goes down - Universal Sports

  32. [Private Video]

  33. Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown Wears Obama Mask

  34. Djalma Santos vs Sweden 1958

  35. Fox News' Uncle Tom

  36. [Private Video]

  37. Meet Gmail's New Inbox

  38. White peoples hate Comments on No Justice for Trayvon Martin song

  39. IAAF World of Champions - Osaka 2007

  40. Man Arrested for Sex with A Horse...Twice

  41. Net Worth Of Top Rappers

  42. Top 10 fastest 100m runners of all time (men)

  43. Ola Ray - Remember

  44. Pastor Bringing a Holy Sh*t Storm!

  45. Hyperloop Super-Fast Travel Would Change the World

  46. USA vs Ghana Highlights World Cup 2010

  47. Women Are Cheaters Too

  48. [Private Video]

  49. Souleiman wins 1500m in Paris Diamond League - Universal Sports

  50. Why Is Obama Bullying the President of Bolivia?

  51. Teens Decapitate Homeless Man and Play Soccer With His Head?

  52. Burglar Caught Viciously Beating Mother on Nanny Cam (Graphic Video)

  53. Wyomia Tyus Retains Olympic 100m Title - First Ever | Mexico 1968 Olympics

  54. Harper-Nelson wins again as Pearson returns - Universal Sports

  55. Tyson Gay claims 100m in Lausanne - Universal Sports

  56. Jamaican Rasta Olympian


  58. Paula Deen Gets Emotional - Is Her Career Finished?

  59. Greene Light mit Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell und Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

  60. Cop Forces Woman to Lift Shirt and Expose Herself (Video)

  61. Koffi Olomide Live in London@wampsmania com

  62. [Private Video]

  63. Does Exonerated Man's Ex Deserve A Payout?

  64. Bill Maher shows how stupid American Republicans are to UK Conservatives.

  65. Paula Deen's Blatant Racism - 60 Year-Olds Can Use Slurs??

  66. Florida vs. Zimmerman: Pool of Potential Jurors in George Zimmerman Case Shrinks

  67. Miss Utah BOMBS Income Inequality Question

  68. Allen West: Progressives Made Black Americans Poor

  69. Judge: Have Sex With Me or I'll Frame You and Ruin Your Life

  70. Philadelphia 'Can't Afford' Schools, Buys $400 Million Prison

  71. Meth-Addicted Nazis - A Brief History

  72. Anti-Gay Pakistan: Gay Porn Capital of the World?

  73. IAAF World of Champions - Athen 1997

  74. Naked Man Fights People, Does Gymnastics In San Francisco Subway

  75. Are Guys Really Ironing Their Balls Because Of George Clooney?

  76. Kids Catch Naked Man Having Sex With Dog

  77. Head of Fox News is Certifiably Insane

  78. Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt in Rome - Universal Sports

  79. [Private Video]

  80. Brazil Vs England 2-2 - All Goals & Match Highlights - June 2 2013 - International Friendly - [HQ]

  81. Papantonio: GOP Crazies Compare Obama To Nixon

  82. Possible Crack Mayor's Hilarious Press Conference

  83. 1992 Barcelona Olympics - Men's 800m Final

  84. 1500m Final Men - Olympic Games, Seoul 1988

  85. [Deleted Video]

  86. Tony Fika feat. Lijemea - Boa

  87. [Private Video]

  88. Papantonio: Go After Tea Party Tax Cheats

  89. Million Moron March: 'SHOOT Government Agents'

  90. How to Break a Politician

  91. [Private Video]

  92. "Inauguration 2013: A Bad Lip Reading: — A Bad Lip Reading of Barack Obama's Inauguration

  93. CISPA's Weak Excuse to Blatantly Violate Your Privacy

  94. Bombing Suspects' Uncle: They're Losers

  95. Odin and Pippin Try To Have Dinner Together

  96. Odin Eating Like a Person

  97. The 'Criminalize Blowjobs' Candidate for Governor

  98. O'Reilly v. Limbaugh: "Bible Thumpers"

  99. [Deleted Video]

  100. [Deleted Video]

  101. Which Countries Love Gay Porn Most?

  102. Whay! Gun-Waving GOP Candidate Arrested...Again

  103. Most Racist, Sexist Ad In History?

  104. GOP Insultingly Wonders Why Minorities Don't Like Them

  105. At CPAC Carl Smith Says Black People Should Be Thankful For Slavery

  106. Koffi Olomide 52eme Anniversaire vol. 2

  107. Republican Attack Ad On...Ashley Judd?? (Video)

  108. West African Spinach Stew With Jasmine Rice

  109. Usain Bolt Wins 100m/200m Gold - Beijing 2008 Olympics

  110. seminole streaker shot by Chuck Boyd.mp4

  111. James O'Keefe CAUGHT Deceptively Editing Video

  112. Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum | Clean Humor)

  113. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead of Heart Failure at The Age of 69

  114. Arrogant, Ignorant Int'l. Psychotalk: Brit Jeremy Clarkson Wants Striking Employees Put To Death!

  115. Herman Cain Campaign Threatens Potential 'Genital-Groping' Accusers

  116. Black Man Wishes He Was a White Man

  117. 1989: Kenya's Paul Ereng Destroys Sebastian Coe's 800m Indoor World Record in Budapest

  118. The Luo-asian

  119. Ivory Coast Leader Laurent Gbagbo Flees To Bunker Inside Palace as Rebels Advance

  120. Farrakhan warns, advises Obama on Libya

  121. Updating Your KIND Donations To Lawrence O'Donnell's Malawi School-Desk Project

  122. [Deleted Video]

  123. RIG-anomics: GOP Ignores Ronald Reagan's Trickle-Down Economics Failures

  124. The Big Picture: October 22, 2010

  125. Ed Shultz: America Needs Smart Leaders and Not Intellectual 'Tax Cut' Midgets

  126. Republican LePage: I'd Tell Obama To 'Go To Hell'; Offers Unrealistic Education Solution;

  127. A Bombshell From Ken Buck's Past; Refused To Defend Rape Victim in 2005

  128. President Obama Rallies The Base To Fight Crazy, Cheating Republicans

  129. Ode To 'Fixed News': Former 'Maverick' John McCain Sucks Up To Fox and Sarah Palin

  130. 'Anti-Immigrant' Republican Carly Fiorina Woes Hispanic Voters With a 'Shot of Tequila'

  131. Carl Paldino's Hate-Baiting; The Republican Party Will Never Treat Gay People With Equal Rights

  132. Nazi Nostalgia: Ohio Tea-Party - Republican Candidate, Rich Iott -- Dons German Waffen SS Uniform

  133. 2010 Dirty Tricks: Republicans Pushing Hard To Elect Lawmakers Through Illegal Means

  134. A Pattern of Hate: Republicans Want To 'Regulate Homosexuality'

  135. In Lockstep: Michele Bachmann Ignores Carl Paladino's Bigoted Statements

  136. Foot in Mouth: Ed Schultz Corrects The Psycho 'Fox & Friends' Gaffe Machine

  137. Dummies Do Shakespeare

  138. How Dummies Consume Their Tea Party

  139. How Dummies Call Press Conferences

  140. Where Dummies Go For Business News

  141. How Dummies Restore Honor

  142. How Dummies Protect Marriage

  143. How Dummies Redefine Feminism

  144. Koran Burning: Wingnut Inferno

  145. Health Care Reform is Big F-ing Deal!

  146. Sarah Palin Says Only Americans Worthy of Rights?

  147. Steele: Let's Get Pelosi Ready For 'The Firing Line' In November

  148. No You Can't (Featuring John Boehner)

  149. Tabu Ley et Mbilia Bel- Shawuri Yako

  150. TEA PARTY RACISM: What The Media Won't Show You About Teabagger Racism

  151. Teabaggers gone wild ! featuring a coconut , an uncle tom , a spaniard and other white racist .

  152. Malcolm X, Hospital Scene

  153. MALCOLM X: Wake up, Clean up and Stand up!

  154. If Someone Puts a Dog on You, Kill That Dog (Oct. 11, 1963)


  156. Riz Khan Extra - Louis Farrakhan - 13 Nov 08

  157. Farrakhan - Black Facts: Time for Reparations & Separation

  158. Minister Farrakhan Answers Calls On C-Span (Part 2)

  159. Crabs In A Barrel

  160. The 3/5 Compromise

  161. A Corrupt Government

  162. [Private Video]

  163. We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video

  164. President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference

  165. Pres. Obama's First State of the Union Address

  166. A Year Of Opposition: Fox News' War On The White House

  167. Glenn Beck vs. Glenn Beck on Racism

  168. Misinformer of the Year 2009: Glenn Beck

  169. Week in Review: December 4, 2009

  170. Usain Bolt 9.58 100m New World Record Berlin [HQ]

  171. [Deleted Video]

  172. Usain Bolt Asafa Powell 100m Golden League Brussels 2008

  173. Usain Bolt Smashes 3 World Records! 100m (9.69) 200m 4x100m

  174. Usain Bolt 200m OLD WR 19.30

  175. Usain Bolt World Record 9.72 100m

  176. Usain Bolt Celebrates Early ... Very Early


  178. Race-Baiting Justice: Buchanan's War Against Judge Sotomayor

  179. On The View, Goldberg calls Beck "lying sack of dog mess"

  180. Bigoted Florida Sheriff uses Uniform against Obama

  181. Obama called a terrorist in front of erratic McCain

  182. The Sidewalk to Nowhere, McCain Supporters in Bethlehem, PA

  183. The McCain-Palin Mob

  184. Racist Cunningham rants against Obama at McCain rally

  185. THE FOX IS WRONG: Global Warming

  186. When It Comes to Obama, The FOX is WRONG!

  187. THE FOX IS WRONG! Obama

  188. Yes We Klan - Fox News Theme Song

  189. Inside Anti-Obama Extremist Gun Culture

  190. Dr Sakis - Peace Love - Decale Chinois

  191. A.G. Holder: Investigate Torture