1. Legendary saxophonist Branford Marsalis in Studio Q

  2. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings perform "Another Free Woman" in Studio Q

  3. American actress Kathleen Turner in Studio Q

  4. Cultural Hall of Shame: Choupette the cat

  5. Stephen, Tom and Colin of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings in Studio Q

  6. Adam Lambert is an "Outlaw of Love" in Studio Q

  7. Emeli Sandé performs "Heaven" in Studio Q

  8. Drop Dead Healthy A.J. Jacobs in Studio Q

  9. Emeli Sandé performs "Next To Me" in Studio Q

  10. The Original American Idol Kelly Clarkson in Studio Q

  11. Cultural Hall of Shame: Justin Bieber

  12. Scottish singing sensation Emeli Sandé in Studio Q

  13. Vice co-founder Shane Smith in Studio Q

  14. Kelly Clarkson Can't Win in Studio Q

  15. Alabama Shakes perform "Hold On" in Studio Q

  16. Donny and Marie Osmond in Studio Q

  17. Cultural Hall of Shame: Ugg Wedding Collection

  18. Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard & Heath Fogg in Studio Q

  19. Rose Cousins performs "Go First" on Q

  20. Outrageous Comedian Gilbert Gottfried in Studio Q

  21. Canuck heartthrob Taylor Kitsch in Studio Q

  22. Jenn Grant performs "Paradise Mountain" on Q

  23. Cultural Hall of Shame: Man Candles

  24. Rob Van Winkle reflects on "Vanilla Ice" in Studio Q

  25. Radio Radio performs "Dekshoo" on Q

  26. Alan Doyle performs "I've Seen a Little" in Studio Q

  27. Radio Radio performs "Galope" on Q

  28. GCB's Annie Potts and Robert Harling in Studio Q

  29. Cultural Hall of Shame: The Ice Bra

  30. Acadian hip-hop trio Radio Radio on Q

  31. Rufus Wainwright performs "Montauk" in Studio Q

  32. Rufus Wainwright performs "Out of the Game" in Studio Q

  33. Legendary recording artist Lionel Richie in Studio Q

  34. Cultural Hall of Shame: The Scream

  35. Rufus Wainwright in Studio Q

  36. The Civil Wars perform "I've Got This Friend" in Studio Q

  37. Wally "Gotye" De Backer in Studio Q

  38. The Kills perform "Nail in My Coffin" in Studio Q

  39. The Lady's Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis in Studio Q

  40. Alabama Shakes perform "Hang Loose" in Studio Q

  41. The Kills' Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince in Studio Q

  42. Jason Mraz performs "I'm Yours" in Studio Q

  43. Acclaimed actor John Lithgow in Studio Q

  44. Rufus Wainwright on Lady Gaga in Studio Q

  45. G N' R axeman Slash in Studio Q

  46. Elvira welcomes a tiny Austrian village to the Hall of Shame

  47. Four Letter Words with Jason Mraz in Studio Q

  48. Good, Pinsent & Keelor in Studio Q

  49. Canadian spokes-boxer Mary Spencer in Studio Q

  50. Double Juno-winner Dan Mangan on Q

  51. The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan and Noel Hogan in Studio Q

  52. Dan Mangan performs "Leaves, Trees, Forest" on Q

  53. Blue Rodeo perform "One More Night" on Q

  54. Photographer Jonathan Hobin on Q

  55. Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy & Greg Keelor on Q

  56. Blue Rodeo perform "Stage Door" on Q

  57. Austra's Katie Stelmanis on Q

  58. Austra perform "Lose It" on Q

  59. You Can Play's Scott Heggart on Q

  60. Kathleen Edwards performs "A Soft Place To Land" in Studio Q

  61. SCTV Alumnus Eugene Levy in Studio Q

  62. Kathleen Edwards performs "Empty Threat" in Studio Q

  63. Shatnerverse overlord William Shatner in Studio Q

  64. Sirenic vocalist Tori Amos in Studio Q

  65. Outspoken astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on Q (AUDIO ONLY)

  66. Musical Voyageur Kathleen Edwards in Studio Q

  67. Our Lady Peace perform "Heavyweight" in Studio Q

  68. Joel Plaskett performs "Harbour Boys" in Studio Q

  69. Live with Regis & Jian in Studio Q

  70. Joel Plaskett performs "You're Mine" in Studio Q

  71. En audition avec Simon-Olivier Fecteau on Q

  72. Ai WeiWei on Q (AUDIO ONLY)

  73. Regis Philbin's Larry King Story in Studio Q

  74. Contemporary dancer Louise Lecavalier on Q

  75. Jason Mraz performs "I Won't Give Up" in Studio Q

  76. DJ Champion performs "Sannois Beach" on Q

  77. Cross-cultural comedian Sugar Sammy on Q

  78. Lionel Richie on rehab and Whitney Houston in Studio Q

  79. DJ Champion debuts "Dat Train" on Q

  80. Feminism trailblazer Gloria Steinem in Studio Q

  81. Great Lake Swimmers debut "Easy Come Easy Go" on Q

  82. Maxime "DJ Champion" Morin on Q

  83. London Mayor Joe Fontana on Q

  84. Louise Lecavalier says dancing is tougher than hockey on Q

  85. Acapella wizard Mike Tompkins on Q

  86. Great Lake Swimmers perform "New Wild Everywhere" on Q

  87. Kronos Quartet & Wu Man perform "Will You Ever Come Back" in Studio Q

  88. Lara St. John & Great Lake Swimmers jam on "Music for a Found Harmonium" on Q

  89. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in Studio Q

  90. Elvira Kurt welcomes "Pole-Dancing Robots" to the Hall of Shame

  91. Sugar Sammy "smells like spices" on Q

  92. Lara St. John performs Bach's Partita #2 in D Minor on Q

  93. Kronos Quartet & Wu Man perform "Mehbooba Mehbooba" in Studio Q

  94. Classical music ambassador Lang Lang in Studio Q

  95. Kronos Quartet's David Harrington & Wu Man in Studio Q

  96. St. Vincent performs "Cheerleader" in Studio Q

  97. St. Vincent performs "Surgeon" in Studio Q

  98. Canadian emissary of comedy Martin Short in Studio Q

  99. Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson in Studio Q