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    Latino Voz of the Year: Artivist Julio Salgado

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    Child Casualties As a Result of U.S. Drone Strikes

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    The Real Scandal Involving Generals -- HuffPost Live Discussion

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    Robert Greenwald Reports on his recent Trip to Pakistan to Investigate U.S. Drone Strikes

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    Robert Greenwald Shares His Findings on Drone Strikes from his Investigative Trip to Pakistan

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    One Thing You Need To Remember This Black Friday: Support Wal-Mart Workers!

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    Cuéntame's Axel Caballero on "TYT on Current," Talks Latino Voter Enthusiasm

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    SafeKeepers: Watch These Law Enforcers Against the Drug War

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    Jail supervisor. Army vet. Drug war opponent.

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    Oregon Out of Balance

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    Former prosecutor: "Drug policy kills more people than the drugs themselves"

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    He went to Mexico to beat the drug cartels. It didn't turn out well.

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    They told this DEA agent not to enforce drug laws in white areas. Really.

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    This cop lost a friend to the War on Drugs. Now he wants to end it.

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    One guy. 14 arrests. No help.

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    Special Announcement from Director Robert Greenwald: Please help send Robert to Pakistan

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    Eleven Years in Afghanistan: How Long Must This Failed War Go On?

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    Gov. Brown Sign The TRUST Act. Do What's Right. Morally and Humanely.

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    Report on U.S. Drone Strikes Exposes Humanitarian and Psychological Harm to Pakistani Civilians

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    Voices of Innocent Drone Strike Victims Comes through in New Report & Video

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    Living Under Drones

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    Law & Disorder: How the System REALLY Works

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    Is jail the right response to addiction? Ask this cop.

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    Why Romney and Obama Don't Want to Talk About Afghanistan

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    A Law So Awful It Literally Makes Judges Cry

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    How Can the World's Largest Military be a Dog Without a Bite?

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    Defense Industry Darling Buck McKeon Gets EXTREME!

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    The Beast

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    Shouldn't they get a fighting chance at parole?

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    You won't believe what this cop says about the War on Drugs

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    How Many Golf Courses Does the Pentagon Need?

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    Romney's Secret Weapon: The Glockenspiel

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    These guys must have LOVED Monopoly as kids

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    Applying to Deferred Action? Watch This!

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    This place treats every bit of you

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    Brooklyn's wise guys. No, like actually wise.

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    You wouldn't be happy if cops did this to you

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    Think Prison Just Affects "THEM"? Think again.

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    The house where women heal

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    U.S. Guns: The Awful, Shocking Truth!

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    This Is How You Fight Voter Suppression!

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    Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid's lunch money?

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    Romney's Hampton weekend Koch problem

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    Stop the Invasion! No Wal-Martization! #NoWalMartEmpire

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    GOP pumping millions of dollars into elections to buy them

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    Hey, Rush Limbaugh! Where's YOUR Medal of Freedom? #RushWheresYourMedal?

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    The Koch Brothers Are Trying to Buy the 2012 election and how the right gains from being at war

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    Scott Walker Gets Punked: Koch Brothers Exposed

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    Scott Walker: Puppet of Big Money? Koch Brothers Exposed

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    Lawrence Lessig: How the Kochs Buy Democracy

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    Koch Brothers Are Buying Our Democracy... With $400 Million

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    Robert Greenwald on Progressive Radio Network exposing the Kochs

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    Cuentame's campaign to pass the California Domestic Bill of Rights

  54. 169 Thumbnail

    Axel Caballero on why California needs to pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

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    We Are Not 'Garbage'

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    The Koch Brothers Get Exposed in Madison, WI

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    Don't Ignore Us, Protect Our Rights!

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    Derrick Crowe on The Bill Press Show: President Obama's vision for Afghanistan

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    Axel Caballero on the The Alyona Show: The GOP's DREAMER Proposal

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    Robert Greenwald on MSNBC's The Ed Show: The Koch/Walker Connection

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    Cuentame's new video "Workers Are Not Garbage," Premiered at 2012 May Day Protest

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    Axel Caballero on Thom Hartmann radio: May Day Protests

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    Axel Caballero on The Big Picture: May Day Rallies for Justice

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    Campaign Director, Jesse Lava on the Koch Brothers Vast Influence on Politics

  65. 180 Thumbnail

    Robert Greenwald on Left Jab Radio: Koch Brothers Exposed

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    Lessons from Charles Koch's Father

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    Axel Caballero on Why DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Won't respond to her Constituents

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    Patriots or Profiteers?

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    The Most Racist Organization - Behind SB1070

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    Robert Greenwald on how ALEC is falsely claiming tax exempt status while doing widespread lobbying

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    Axel Caballero on RTTV America: How private prisons are making money off immigrants

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    Robert Greenwald Exposes the Kochs: Is Koch Industries Risking Lives?

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    Robert Greenwald Discusses Koch Brothers' Attacks on Education

  74. 189 Thumbnail

    Robert Greenwald Talks about how the Koch Brothers are attacking Social Security

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    Small Town vs. Giant Private Prison Corporation

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    Robert Greenwald on the Ed Schultz Show: Not Backing Down from the Kochs

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    Robert Greenwald on The Ed Schultz Show exposing the Kochs

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    Robert Greenwald on MSNBC's Martin Bashir: Koch Brothers Exposed

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    Robert Greenwald on KPFK's "The Uprising": Koch Brothers Exposed

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    Robert Greenwald on The Thom Hartmann Program - Koch Brothers Exposed preview

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    Current TV's 'The Young Turks' Feature Immigrants for Sale

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    What If You Had Two Kids That Were Gay?

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    Brave New Conversations: Tom Hayden

  84. 199 Thumbnail

    Brave New Conversations: Mark Rudd

  85. 200 Thumbnail

    Brave New Conversations: Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson

  86. 201 Thumbnail

    Brave New Conversations: Henry Rollins

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    Robert Greenwald discusses Romney's position on Afghanistan and previews Koch Brothers documentary

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    Koch Brothers Exposed: the Film

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    What Could Stop the Kochs on Tar Sands?

  90. 205 Thumbnail

    Lawrence Lessig on How the Kochs Buy Democracy

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    The Kochs, Segregation, and Joseph Stalin

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    Is Scott Walker the Kochs' Puppet?

  93. 208 Thumbnail

    How Scott Walker Got Punked: Koch Brothers Exposed

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    David Koch Gets Autotuned!

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    Brave New Conversations: Thom Hartmann

  96. 211 Thumbnail

    Brave New Conversations: Oliver Stone

  97. 212 Thumbnail

    Brave New Conversations: Jackson Browne

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    Brave New Conversations: Markos Moulitsas

  99. 214 Thumbnail

    Brave New Conversations: Margaret Cho