1. Shibuya Ultima CPX 520 vs Axcel AX4500 Target Bow Sight Review Comparision

  2. Back Tension Release Tutorial: How to Become a More Accurate Shooter for Target and Bow Hunters

  3. How To Straighten Arrow Vanes / Fletchings - Easy!

  4. Chickadees

  5. Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trails

  6. 50yds. The Bowtech Captain, Carter Chocolate, + Back tension (1.5mo into it).

  7. How to mount and seal the bead on your own car tires on rims to save millionz billionz dollarz.

  8. My 16.73 Second Rubik's Solve

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  13. Steinberger Gearless Tuners Info, Review, and Tutorial

  14. BanjoBen Impersonation and Archery Den Contest

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  16. LanLan 4x4 Cube: How to Lube, Disassemble and Assemble, and View Inner Core.

  17. Salt Creek - Advanced (Banjo)

  18. Old Joe Clark

  19. Unicycle 101-303... General riding and various tricks.

  20. Home Sweet Home (1 Man Band)

  21. Crazy cat gets head stuck in Target Bag

  22. Bach Fugue in Em on banjo

  23. Noodling in C into Reverie... Just a normal night of practice for me.

  24. My Homemade Copy Carver or Duplicarver to aid in Banjo Construction

  25. Welcome to the ice house.

  26. Eager and Anxious by Bela Fleck (B minor)

  27. I can play Bela Fleck and catch fish at the same time.

  28. Homemade ice house stove out of air compressor tank

  29. Auld Lang Syne (Happy Twenty-Ten!)

  30. The First Noel on banjo...

  31. Silent Night on Banjo (triplet, backup style)

  32. What Child is This? (Greensleeves)

  33. Train 45

  34. Distance Between Two Points by Bill Evans (not me). My 1 year anniversary of playing banjo.

  35. A Tutorial: Old time banjo "frailing"... on my homemade banjo.

  36. Me + Banjo after 9.5 months... "Bill Cheatham" as transcribed by Tony Trischka

  37. Me and the banjo after eight months