1. President's Leaked Plan Proves He's Not Serious About Enforcement

  2. Senators Caution Against 1986 Repeat On Amnesty

  3. Sessions Urges Action On Sequester Fix

  4. Sessions: On Immigration, Admin Siding With Special Interest Over American Workers, Law Officers

  5. ICE Officer Contradicts Napolitano: Obama Admin Hasn't Asked For Our Opinion On Immigration Overhaul

  6. Chris Crane Testimony At Senate Immigration Hearing

  7. Sessions' Opening Remarks At Senate Hearing On Immigration

  8. Officer: Agents Forced To Look The Other Way On Immigration Violations

  9. Highlights: Chris Crane Delivers Testimony At House Immigration Hearing

  10. Top ICE Agent: 'Zero Confidence In This Administration' To Deliver On Immigration Enforcement

  11. Scrutiny Intensifies On Scandal-Ridden ICE Director Morton

  12. Admin Pushes Gun Restrictions For Law-Abiding Citizens While Failing To Prosecute Criminals

  13. Sessions Says ICE Director John Morton Should Leave Post, Presents Evidence of Misconduct

  14. Sessions Warns Washington Elites Against Rush To Amnesty

  15. Highlights: Sessions Pressures Senate's Dem Majority To Follow Law, Produce Budget

  16. On Kudlow, Sessions Discusses Growing Push To Condition Debt Increase On Senate Budget Compliance

  17. Sessions: Jack Lew Misled Congress And Country With Repeated False Statements

  18. Sessions: No More Secret Talks

  19. Sessions Delivers Remarks At RESTORE Act Press Conference

  20. ICE Agent: Admin Favoring 'Lawbreakers' Over Law Officers

  21. Lou Dobbs Interviews Kris Kobach On Welfare Standards For Non-Citizens

  22. Senators Demand Answers From Clinton, Napolitano On Removal Of Welfare Rules For Immigrants

  23. ICE Union Leader Stands Up For Agent Facing Suspension For Enforcing Immigration Law

  24. ICE Agent Facing Suspension For Arresting Illegal Alien Deemed Public Safety Threat

  25. Sessions Condemns Pending Release Of Terrorist Who Killed Silver Star-Decorated Alabama Soldier

  26. Sessions Debates Boxer At Hearing On Global Warming Regulation

  27. Sessions Opening Remarks At Hearing On Global Warming Regulation

  28. Border Patrol Official: Illegal Immigrants To Get 'A Free Pass' Under President's New Policy

  29. Top Rep For Immigration Officers Makes Public Appeal: 'Our Hands Are Tied,' Admin Refuses To Listen

  30. Megyn Kelly On ICE, Border Patrol Unions Explaining Public Safety Threat From Admin Policy

  31. Lou Dobbs on Official USDA-Mexico Partnership To Increase Welfare Enrollment

  32. ICE Union Chief: Agents Face Threat Of Pink Slips If They Enforce The Law

  33. Top Immigration Officials Describe Border Chaos Resulting From Admin's Amnesty Policy

  34. Sessions Introduces Bill To Raise Awareness Of CDH

  35. Sessions Speaks In Opposition To Bureaucratic Rule That Will Cost Jobs, Hike Energy Costs

  36. Sessions Testifies At House Oversight Hearing On Protecting Taxpayers In Federal Litigation

  37. Sessions Introduces Commissioner Kristine Svinicki At EPW Hearing

  38. Sessions Presses Holder On Voter Fraud And National Security Leaks

  39. Sessions Warns Against Efforts From Health Law Backers To Bully Supreme Court

  40. FOX On Sessions And GOP Senators Defending SCOTUS From Political Intimidation

  41. Reid Blocks Bill Closing IRS Tax Credit Loophole For Illegal Aliens

  42. 'Stop it Now': Sessions Says Government Waste Can't Continue

  43. Sessions: IRS Checks To Illegal Immigrants Part of Larger Border Problem

  44. Report: Domestic Energy Production Down On Federal Lands

  45. Sessions: On Missile Defense, President Assures Congress Of One Thing, Tells Russia Another

  46. Sessions Speaks At Press Conference After Attending Oral Arguments In Health Care Case

  47. At Hearing, Sessions Challenges EPA On Overreach Impacting Alabama

  48. Sessions Talks Budget, Healthcare On FOX

  49. Lou Dobbs On Sessions' Exchange With Panetta Over 'Int'l Permission' For Military Action

  50. Hannity On Sessions' Exchange With Panetta Over Admin Seeking 'Int'l Permission' For U.S. Military

  51. Greta On Sessions' Exchange With Panetta Over Admin Seeking 'Int'l Permission' For U.S. Military

  52. FOX Addresses Growing Controversy Over Admin's Claims Of Legal Basis For Military Action

  53. President's Budget Chief Refuses To Answer Simple Question About Obama Budget

  54. CNN On Syria Intervention: Sessions Presses Admin On Favoring Int'l Over Congressional Approval

  55. Obama Admin Cites 'Int'l Permission,' Not Congress, As 'Legal Basis' For Action In Syria

  56. Sessions Delivers Opening Statement At Hearing On Defense Spending In President's Budget

  57. Sessions On Gas Prices: Alabamians Will Pay The Price For Admin's 'Social Engineering'

  58. Sessions Delivers Remarks And Introduces Local Witness At Hearing On Water Infrastructure

  59. On MSNBC, Sessions Discusses Astounding Gimmicks In President's Budget

  60. Republicans Unite To Call For Honesty In Budgeting

  61. Sessions Grills NRC Chairman on Abuse of Power

  62. Fox News: Heated Exchange between Sessions and Mueller

  63. Sessions Takes FBI Director to Task Over Detainee Provisions

  64. President Should Not Be Held To Lower Standard Than Mayors And Governors

  65. Sessions Speaks on Sex Offender Registration Act of 2011

  66. FOX On Sessions Pressing Holder For Answers On Kagan's Healthcare Involvement

  67. Alabama, Louisiana Senators To Promote SEC Football Showdown, Gulf Coast Seafood Prize

  68. Sessions to Durbin: Clean Up Your Own Backyard!

  69. Sessions: Congress Needs To Stop Interfering in Litigation

  70. Sessions to Secy. Napolitano: ICE Agents Have No Confidence in DHS Leadership

  71. Sessions Raises Red Flags about Green Jobs & Higher Energy Costs

  72. Sessions: Passage of Trade Agreements Will Have Economic Advantage

  73. Sessions: The Conservative Case For Confronting China Trade Abuse

  74. Sessions Probes EPA's Efforts to Control State Water Standards

  75. Ahead Of Cloture Vote, Sessions Appeals To Senate To Confront China's Currency Abuse

  76. Sessions On China Currency Bill: Time Has Come For U.S. To Defend Its Core Economic Interests

  77. Sessions Sets Out To Preserve "Made In America"

  78. Sessions Announces Opposition To Debt Limit Deal

  79. Day 800: Sessions On Grim Jobs Report, Debt Ceiling Negotiations

  80. Washington's Big Spenders Vilify Tea Party For Urging Fiscal Discipline

  81. Sessions: "The President Thinks It's All About Him"

  82. Sessions: Senate Dems, WH Broke The Budget Process And Now We're Paying The Price

  83. Gang Of Six, President Still Have No Concrete Legislative Plan To Deal With Debt

  84. Sessions Questions New EPA Regulations in Hearing

  85. Sessions Questions Witnesses on Oil Spill NRDA Process at EPW Hearing

  86. Sessions Hears Status of Oil Spill Restoration Process

  87. Sessions Debates CNN Host Over Economic Philosophy, Jobs, Debt

  88. Sessions Speaks at EPW hearing

  89. Sessions: Congress Needs to do it's Job

  90. Sessions: No Budget? No Vacation (Part 3)

  91. Sessions: No Budget? No Vacation (Part 2)

  92. Sessions: No Budget? No Vacation (Part 1)

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  94. Sessions: We Need to Increase Domestic Energy Production

  95. Senate Democrats Need to Present a Budget Plan

  96. Sesssions on "On the Record" - Senate Democrats Need to Present a Budget Plan

  97. Sessions Speaks in Opposition to James Cole

  98. Sessions Pays Tribute to Tornado Victims

  99. Holder Concedes to Sessions that Terrorists Get Presumption of Civil Rights