1. Victoria Osteen | Communion

  2. Joel Osteen | The Blessing

  3. Joel Osteen | God's Grace Is Sufficient

  4. Joel Osteen | A Historic Night of Hope at Dodger Stadium Recap

  5. Joel Osteen | On Easter - Leave a Legacy of Faith

  6. Light

  7. Joel Osteen | God Wants You to Become Everything He Creat...

  8. Victoria Osteen | Dance Before God in Praise

  9. Joel Osteen | All The Good Things God Has Done

  10. Joel Osteen | God's Unending Love and Amazing Grace

  11. Joel Osteen | God Will Put in You What You Need

  12. Victoria Osteen | Prays for Families

  13. Joel and Victoria Osteen | Take Time to Honor God

  14. Joel Osteen | Thanks Lakewood for Volunteering

  15. Joel Osteen | God is for You!

  16. Joel Osteen | Don't Let Anything Steal Your Joy

  17. Victoria Osteen | God Loves You

  18. Joel Osteen | Raise Up Children in God's Word

  19. Joel and Victoria Osteen | This can be your best year!

  20. Joel and Victoria Osteen | Focus on What is Right

  21. Joel Osteen | Children of the Most High God

  22. Victoria Osteen | God is the Author and Finisher ...

  23. Joel and Victoria Osteen say that God Holds Our Victory ...

  24. Joel Osteen prays for Lakewood Church

  25. Joel Osteen wants You to Believe In and Follow Jesus Christ

  26. Joel Osteen says It's Time to Believe Again

  27. Joel Osteen says You are an Extraordinary Person

  28. Joel Osteen says You'll Get Double for Your Trouble

  29. Joel Osteen says You are in a Controlled Environment

  30. Joel Osteen - Your Spiritual DNA

  31. Joel Osteen - Are you a child of God?

  32. Joel Osteen on the Gospel

  33. Joel Osteen - What kind of Gospel does he preach?

  34. Joel Osteen - Does Joel believe in the resurrection?

  35. Joel Osteen - Did Jesus die for your freedom?

  36. Victoria Osteen - A new way of thinking

  37. Does Joel Osteen believe you should be saved?

  38. Joel Osteen and Dr. Paul Osteen - Focusing on missions

  39. Joel Osteen Ministries - Kenya Missions Trip

  40. Joel Osteen Ministries in Kenya - Being the hands and ...

  41. Gabriella's Life is Changed Through the Ministry of Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church

  42. Joel Osteen - How did his church begin?